Doctor of Physical Therapy

Saint Joseph’s University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) is an accredited doctoral program that prepares you for a fulfilling career in physical therapy, which was named one of the best healthcare professions and best jobs overall by U.S. News & World Report. With an accelerated curriculum focused on experiential learning, our 31-month physical therapy program will teach you evidence-based techniques and empower you to practice independently and work collaboratively in diverse healthcare environments. You’ll have access to 350+ full-time clinical practice sites in Philadelphia and beyond and treat patients in different healthcare settings.

You can enter this program if you already hold a bachelor’s degree or higher and have completed all prerequisites. We also offer a BS to DPT program for incoming first-year students (through our direct-entry admission pathway) and transfer students.

DPT 501Anatomy I3
DPT 502Anatomy II3
DPT 511Biomechanics/Kinesiology I2
DPT 512Biomechanics/Kinesiology II2
DPT 521PT Exam/Interventions I2
DPT 522PT Exam/Interventions II2
DPT 531Clinical Practice I2
DPT 532Clinical practice II2
DPT 533Clinical Practice III2
DPT 541Exercise Physiology3
DPT 542Functional Neuroscience3
DPT 550Research I2
DPT 551Research II2
DPT 560Psychosoc Issues Health/Well3
DPT 561Ethics in Healthcare2
DPT 571Mvmnt Science Across Lifespan2
DPT 581Medical Management I3
DPT 601Musculoskeletal Rehab I5
DPT 602Musculoskeletal Rehab II4
DPT 611Cardiovascular Rehabilitation2
DPT 612Pulmonary Rehabilitation2
DPT 620Leadership2
DPT 621Neurorehabilitation I4
DPT 622Neurorehabilitation II5
DPT 631Clinical Practice IV1
DPT 632Clinical Practice V2
DPT 633Clinical Practice VI1
DPT 634Clinical Practice VII1
DPT 641Integumentary PT3
DPT 650Research III1
DPT 651Research IV1
DPT 652Research V1
DPT 661Acute Care PT2
DPT 671Rehab across the lifespan2
DPT 672Integrative Management I2
DPT 673Integrative Management II3
DPT 681Medical Management II2
DPT 690Clinical Educa. Experience I12
DPT 691Clinical Educ. Experience II12
DPT 692Clinical Educ. Experience III12
Total Hours122