Radiographers perform a variety of radiographic (X-ray) examinations on nearly every organ or body region utilizing radiographic and digital imaging equipment and computers. The radiographer comes in contact with patients of all ages and various levels of health, ranging from the patient requiring a routine check-up to the severely injured trauma patient. The radiographer must meet the health care needs of the patient while providing them with excellent service to meet the physician’s diagnostic needs. Radiographers also have the opportunity to expand their careers through additional education and clinical experience in subspecialty areas such as vascular imaging, mammography, radiation therapy, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. The radiographer is an integral part of the health care team, utilizing skills, talents and education to meet the patient’s needs in an efficient and professional manner.

Program Description

The Radiography program is designed to educate students in the science of radiography. Students are instructed in the classroom and at multiple clinical facilities. Upon completion of the program, graduates are awarded an Associate in Applied Science degree and are eligible to take the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists registry examination.


The Radiography program provides the health care community with educated, professionally competent, entry-level radiographers.

Goal 1. To prepare competent, entry-level radiographers in the cognitive (knowledge) and psychomotor (skills) learning domains.

Outcome 1.1: Student is able to apply knowledge in anatomical technique selection and EI evaluation.

Outcome 1.2: Student will demonstrate positioning skills for a given examination.

Outcome 1.3: Student is able to recognize imaging errors and describe corrective action.

Goal 2. Demonstrate a commitment to professional ethics, attitudes, and behaviors.

Outcome 2.1: Student explains the importance of ethics in the Radiography profession.

Outcome 2.2: Student models professional ethics, behaviors and attitudes when in the lab and clinical setting.

Goal 3. Apply theoretical knowledge and critical thinking to clinical practice.

Outcome 3.1: Student will apply critical thinking skills to classroom and lab applications.

Outcome 3.2: Student exhibits synthesis of coursework, clinical skills, and experiential learning to demonstrate proficiency in the health care setting.

Goal 4. Communicate effectively and respectfully with the patient and members of the healthcare team.

Outcome 4.1: Student will effectively utilize oral communication with patients and other members of the healthcare team in the lab and clinical setting.

Outcome 4.2: Student will utilize effective written communication.

General Education
BIO 175A&P for Nursing &Allied Health4
BIO 175LA&P Nursing& Allied Health Lab0
CSS 101College Studies Seminar3
MAT 112College Algebra3
PSY 100Introductory Psychology3
BIO 176A&P Nursing & Allied Health II4
BIO 176LA&P Nursing&Allied Hlth II Lab0
ENG 101Craft of Language3
SOC 270Special Topics3
INT 103Methods of Patient Care1
PHL 490Ethical & Legal Dimen Hlth Sci1
HSC 390Medical Terminology1
free elective3
RAD 101Radiographic Procedures I4
RAD 122CClinical Practice I Clinical0
RAD 122Clinical Practice I Lab3
RAD 131Radiologic Science I2
RAD 123Radiographic Procedures II4
RAD 104Clinical Practice II3
RAD 132Radiologic Science II3
RAD 221Adv Radiographic Procedures I4
RAD 222CClinical Practice III Clinical0
RAD 222Clinical Practice III Lab5
RAD 223Adv Radiographic Procedures II4
RAD 233Radiologic Science III1
RAD 224Clinical Practice IV5
RAD 240Radiation Biology1
NMT 195Cross-Sectional Anatomy1
Total Hours69
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
BIO 175
A&P for Nursing &Allied Health
and A&P Nursing& Allied Health Lab
CSS 101 College Studies Seminar 3
RAD 101 Radiographic Procedures I 4
RAD 122
Clinical Practice I Lab
and Clinical Practice I Clinical
RAD 131 Radiologic Science I 2
INT 103 Methods of Patient Care 1
HSC 390 Medical Terminology 1
BIO 176
A&P Nursing & Allied Health II
and A&P Nursing&Allied Hlth II Lab
ENG 101 Craft of Language 3
RAD 123 Radiographic Procedures II 4
RAD 104 Clinical Practice II 3
RAD 132 Radiologic Science II 3
Second Year
PSY 100 Introductory Psychology 3
RAD 221 Adv Radiographic Procedures I 4
RAD 222
Clinical Practice III Lab
and Clinical Practice III Clinical
RAD 233 Radiologic Science III 1
MAT 112 College Algebra 3
Elective 3
RAD 223 Adv Radiographic Procedures II 4
SOC 270 Special Topics 3
PHL 490 Ethical & Legal Dimen Hlth Sci 1
RAD 224 Clinical Practice IV 5
RAD 240 Radiation Biology 1
NMT 195 Cross-Sectional Anatomy 1
 Total Hours69