Music Minor

The minor in Music will deepen your understanding of and appreciation for music. Saint Joseph’s music faculty members are accomplished, award-winning professionals whose goal is to provide you with an excellent, personalized education.

The curriculum offers students majoring in another discipline the opportunity to explore their interest in music in a number of dynamic courses that cover music theory, composition, history and culture, and performance in a department-sponsored performance ensemble or private studio.

In addition to MTF 251 Music Theory I, students take five music courses to complete the minor, plus one semester of performance. 


Goal 1: Development of Creative Voice and Abilities

Objective 1.1: Students will develop the ability to create performing arts works that express their creativity and unique voices.

Objective 1.2: Students will acquire skills in creative inquiry, analysis and self-reflection.

Goal 2: Development of Critical and Rhetorical Skills

Objective 2.1: Students will develop the ability to craft well-organized, reasoned, critical, and thoroughly-researched written and oral work.

Goal 3: Knowledge and Analysis of Significant Works

Objective 3.1: Students will develop an awareness and analytical understanding of significant and diverse creative and theoretical works within the performing arts, and the cultural and historical contexts in which they were produced.

Goal 4: Knowledge of Professional Practices

Objective 4.1: Students will acquire the creative, technical, and analytical tools to begin professional work in the field or to pursue graduate studies.

Goal 5: Development of Social and Ethical Awareness

Objective 5.1: Students will develop an understanding of social issues, ethics and inclusivity within the performing arts.

Goal 6: Development of Collaborative and Service Skills

Objective 6.1: Students will engage, share and collaborate as creative citizens by completing performing arts projects that include campus, local, national and/or international communities.

The Music Minor (6 courses plus one semester of performance)

Students wishing to minor in Music may do so by fulfilling the following requirements:

MTF 251Music Theory I3
Select five additional Music courses from the offerings in Music Theory, Composition, History and Culture, and Advanced Performance.
One Semester participation in a department-sponsored performance ensemble or private studio.