Exercise Physiology Major

The rigorous Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from Saint Joseph’s University focuses on courses that cover physiology, fitness, health and management while acquiring and applying communication, leadership, planning and organizational skills. You’ll learn about the structure, function and processes of the body and the multidimensional nature of wellness to design programs that help individuals maintain healthy lifestyles. You'll engage in hands-on learning through a required practicum and internship and research experiences, and you'll have the opportunity to get certified as an exercise physiologist or strength and conditioning specialist before you graduate.

The exercise physiology undergraduate program allows you to choose a traditional four-year curriculum or a three-year accelerated track. You can also choose specialty electives based on your area of interest or career goals, such as physical education, biology and chemistry.

The traditional undergraduate programs includes a minimum of 120 credits distributed across three components: A General Education component divided into Signature Courses, Variable Courses, and an Integrative Learning requirement; a Major and Divisional component; and Free Electives. In addition to course requirements as specified in each area, students must complete one certified course in each of the following overlay areas1:

  1. Diversity, Globalization or Non-western Area Studies,
  2. Ethics Intensive
  3. Writing Intensive, and
  4. Diversity

Overlay requirements are part of the 120 credit requirements

General Education Signature Courses

See this page about Signature courses

General Education Variable Courses

See this page about Variable courses. Six to Nine courses

Natural Science:
BIO 102
Bio II: Genetics
and Bio II: Genetics Lab
Social/Behavioral Science:
PSY 100Introductory Psychology3
or SOC 101 Intro to Sociology
PHL Anthropology
PHL 250Philosophy of Death3

General Education Overlays

See this page about Overlays.

General Education Integrative Learning Component

See this page about Integrative Learning Component. Three courses:

BIO 101
Bio I: Cells
and Bio I: Cells Lab
MAT 118Introduction to Statistics3
BIO 261
Anat&Physiol Nurs/Al Hlth II
and Anat&Physiol Lab II
Total Hours11

Major Requirements 

EPH 120Foundations: Exercise Science3
EPH 300Exercise Testing& Prescription4
HSC 348Foundations of Kinesiology3
EPH 350Research Methods in Kines3
or HSC 331 Health Sciences Research
EPH 360Fitness & Sports Nutrition3
or HSC 253 Nutrition: Health & Disease
EPH 301Exercise Physiology4
Area Studies:15
Anat&Physiol Nurs/Al Hlth I
and Anat&Physiol Lab I
Health Studies Courses:
Alcohol, Drugs and Society
Soc Determinants Mental Health
Health Information Technology
Health of School Aged Children
Healthcare Law and Ethics
Health Policy
Nutrition: Health & Disease
Health of the Aging Adult
Med Terminology & Health Comm
DyingWell:The Hospice Movement
Diversity Ldrship in Hlth Care
Health Program Planning
Animal Therapy
Just Hlth Care Dev Nations
Special Topics Health Sciences
Complementary & Alt Med
Public Health & Epidemiology
Internship in Health Sciences
Independent Study
Independent Study
Exercise Physiology Courses:
Athletic Injuries&Sports Rehab
Health and Wellness
Cardiovascular Pathophysiology
Research Experience
Adv Ex Physiology
Strength and Conditioning
Social Sciences Courses:
The Economics of Healthcare
Introductory Psychology
Lifespan Development
Psychological Disorders
Health Psychology
Drugs, the Brain, & Behavior
Cognitive Psychology
Adv. Psychological Disorders
Mental Health & Society
Natural Sciences Courses:
Bio III: Organismic Biology
and Bio III: Organismic Biol Lab
Microbio Nurse/Allied Health
and Microbio Nurse/Allied Hlth Lab
Comparative Anatomy
and Comparative Anatomy Lab
and Microbiology Lab
Systemic Physiology
and Systemic Physiology Lab
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry Lab I
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry Lab II
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry Lab I
Organic Chemistry II
and Organic Chemistry Lab II
General Physics I
and General Physics Laboratory I
General Physics II
and General Physics Laboratory II
Humanities Courses:
Special Topics/ Com&Digi Media
Hospital Stories
Topics in Linguistics
Theology of Disability
Total Hours35
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
CHM 120
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry Lab I
ENG 101 Craft of Language 3
MAT 120 The Mathematics of Modeling 3
SOC 101 Intro to Sociology 3
CHM 125
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry Lab II
ENG 102 Texts & Contexts 3
MAT 122 Trigonometry 3
PED 102 Physical Education 1
HSC 111 Health Sci Orientation II 1
Humanities 3
Second Year
BIO 109 General Biology I 3
General Education 3
Humanities 3
PSY 100 Introductory Psychology 3
BIO 119
General Biology II
and General Biology II Laboratory
General Education 3
COM 100 Introduction to Communication 3
Free Elective 3
Third Year
BIO 202
Human Structure and Function I
and Human Structure&Function I Lab
PHY 201
Introductory Physics I
and Intro. Physics I Laboratory
PSY 120 Lifespan Development 3
ENG 264 Scientific Writing 3
MAT 128 Applied Statistics 3
BIO 203
Human Structure & Function II
and Hum Structure& Function II Lab
PHY 202
Introductory Physics II
and Intro. Physics II Laboratory
PSY 227 Cognitive Psychology 3
HSC 390 Medical Terminology 2
HSC 253 Nutrition: Health & Disease 3
DPT 501 Anatomy I 3
DPT 511 Biomechanics/Kinesiology I 2
DPT 521 PT Exam/Interventions I 2
DPT 541 Exercise Physiology 3
DPT 531 Clinical Practice I 2
Fourth Year
DPT 502 Anatomy II 3
DPT 512 Biomechanics/Kinesiology II 2
DPT 522 PT Exam/Interventions II 2
DPT 542 Functional Neuroscience 3
DPT 550 Research I 2
DPT 560 Psychosoc Issues Health/Well 3
DPT 532 Clinical practice II 2
DPT 571 Mvmnt Science Across Lifespan 2
DPT 601 Musculoskeletal Rehab I 5
DPT 601L Musculoskeletal Rehab I Lab 0
DPT 611 Cardiovascular Rehabilitation 2
DPT 611L Cardiovascular Rehab Lab 0
DPT 551 Research II 2
DPT 561 Ethics in Healthcare 2
DPT 581 Medical Management I 3
DPT 533 Clinical Practice III 2
DPT 612 Pulmonary Rehabilitation 2
DPT 602 Musculoskeletal Rehab II 4
DPT 621 Neurorehabilitation I 4
DPT 650 Research III 1
DPT 631 Clinical Practice IV 1
Fifth Year
DPT 622 Neurorehabilitation II 5
DPT 641 Integumentary PT 3
DPT 661 Acute Care PT 2
DPT 671 Rehab across the lifespan 2
DPT 681 Medical Management II 2
DPT 651 Research IV 1
DPT 632 Clinical Practice V 2
DPT 690 Clinical Educa. Experience I 12
DPT 652 Research V 1
DPT 672 Integrative Management I 2
DPT 633 Clinical Practice VI 1
DPT 673 Integrative Management II 3
DPT 634 Clinical Practice VII 1
DPT 691 Clinical Educ. Experience II 12
Sixth Year
DPT 692 Clinical Educ. Experience III 12
DPT 620 Leadership 2
 Total Hours208