Biochemistry Major

Saint Joseph’s University’s biochemistry major teaches students the branch of science concerned with the chemical processes within living systems. Through a comprehensive curriculum, you’ll explore the molecules and complex structures that make up organisms, giving you the knowledge and skills to work for leading drug companies, research laboratories, universities and other industries across the globe.

The bachelor in biochemistry program also offers the opportunity to choose specialty electives based on your area of interest or career goals, such as Pharmacognosy, Medical Chemistry and Computer-Aided Drug Design. You'll also get to conduct research alongside faculty who are experts in structural biochemistry, immunology, biochemical genetics and more.

BIO 132Introductory Biology I3
BIO 132LIntroductory Biology I Lab1
BIO 133Introductory Biology II3
BIO 133LIntroductory Biology II Lab1
BIO 402Advanced Cell Biology4
BIO 402LAdvanced Cell Biology Lab0
BIO 462Genetics4
BIO 462LGenetics Lab0
CHM 120General Chemistry I3
CHM 120LGeneral Chemistry Lab I2
CHM 125General Chemistry II3
CHM 125LGeneral Chemistry Lab II2
CHM 210Organic Chemistry I3
CHM 210LOrganic Chemistry Lab I1
CHM 215Organic Chemistry II3
CHM 215LOrganic Chemistry Lab II1
CHM 300Discussions in Chemistry1
CHM 320Physical Chem for Chem Bio3
CHM 230Basic Inorganic Chemsitry3
CHM 341Molecular Structure Biochemist3
CHM 342Nucleic Acid Biochemistry3
CHM 343Intermediary Metabolic Biochem3
CHM 361Analytical Chemistry3
CHM 361LAnalytical Chemistry Laborator1
CHM 402Seminar in Chemistry II1
CHM 204Literature of Chemistry1
CHM 444Biochemistry Laboratory I1
CHM 445Thermodynamics & Stat Mechanic3
CHM 445LBiochemistry Laboratory II1
CHM 310Physical Chemistry I3
CHM 310LPhysical Chemistry Lab I2
MAT 128Applied Statistics3-4
or MAT 213 Calculus III
PHY 105University Physics I3
or PHY 211
PHY 105LUniversity Physics Lab I1
or PHY 211L Physics I Laboratory
PHY 106University Physics II3
or PHY 212 Physics II
PHY 106LUniversity Physics Lab II1
or PHY 212L Physics II Laboratory
Biochemistry Elective6
MAT 161Calculus I4
MAT 162Calculus II4