Mathematics Minor


  • Dr. Klingsberg

With the approval of the department, students may minor in mathematics. Upon acceptance, they will be assigned an advisor within the department who will assist the students in selecting courses appropriate for their area of interest.

Learning Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Students will gain a general knowledge of the field of mathematics including knowledge of the application of mathematics to other fields.

Objective 1.1: Students will know the mathematical theory underlying fundamental developments in mathematics.

Objective 1.2: Students will understand the nature of mathematical proof.

Objective 1.3: Students will gain knowledge of applications of mathematics to other fields.

Goal 2: Student will master specific skills in mathematics.

Objective 2.1: Students will be able to perform basic computations from calculus such as derivatives and integrals.

Objective 2.2: Students will be able to identify and apply the appropriate method to solve a specific mathematical problem.

Students desiring a minor in mathematics must take or receive AP credit for six courses at the level of MAT 161 or higher. The course being used to satisfy the GEP math requirement may not be used toward the minor. The grade in each course must be C+ or better, or the average of the six classes must be at least 2.7.