Doctor of Occupational Therapy

The Doctor of Occupational Therapy (DrOT) is a doctorate degree that prepares you to become a successful OT practitioner, researcher or leader in a variety of medical and community settings. It’s the highest level of formal education available to entry-level occupational therapists. By earning your occupational therapy degree from Saint Joseph’s University, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to make a meaningful impact on patient care.

Saint Joseph’s accredited three-year DrOT program offers the opportunity to work with patients of all ages in the Greater Philadelphia area and neighboring states every semester starting in your first semester through fieldwork experiences and a doctoral capstone project. You’ll also get to publish research and collaborate with noted professors on grant-funded projects and network with students and alumni in student organizations like the Student Occupational Therapy Association.

OTH 502Human Development & Perform3
OTH 502LHuman Dev & Perform Lab0
OTH 508Movement Analysis3
OTH 508LMovement Analysis Lab0
OTH 510Neuroscience4
OTH 510LNeuroscience Lab0
OTH 519Intro to Clinical Skills3
OTH 519LIntro to Clinical Skills Lab0
OTH 531Clinical Medicine3
OTH 551Human Occ: Cncpts & Prctice3
OTH 551LHuman Occ: Cncpts & Prctce Lab0
OTH 555Evaluation & Assessment: OT3
OTH 555LEvaluation & Assessment: OTLab0
OTH 562Theories of OT3
OTH 572Clinical Mgmt & Supervision3
OTH 590Fieldwork Level I:Clinical Exp1
OTH 600Advanced Seminar & Comp Exm3
OTH 501Doctoral Seminar I1
OTH 602Doctoral Seminar II1
OTH 610Case-Based Reasoning3
OTH 611Evidence-Based Decision Making1
OTH 612Clin Reasoning & Prof Devel3
OTH 615Therapeutic Groups3
OTH 615LTherapeutic Groups Lab0
OTH 620Fieldwork Level I: Clinical1
OTH 623FWK1:Comm Service Learning1
OTH 624Interventions I: Contextual Ap4
OTH 624LInterventions I: Cntxtl Ap Lab0
OTH 630Community Based OT3
OTH 634Interventions II: Developmenta4
OTH 634LInterventions II: Develop Lab0
OTH 636Clin Ldrshp, Mgmt,&Supervision3
OTH 644Interventions III: Psychosocia4
OTH 644LInterventions III: Psychosoc L0
OTH 650Applied Research Methods3
OTH 652OT Interventions IV: Cognitive3
OTH 652LOT Interventions IV: Cogni Lab0
OTH 660Applied Research II3
OTH 664Interventions V: Rehab Approac4
OTH 664LInterventions V: Rehab App Lab0
OTH 665Applied Research III3
OTH 668Evidence-Based Practice3
OTH 670OT Ldrship Managing Change3
OTH 672OT Interventions VI:Technology3
OTH 672LOT Interventions V: Tech Lab0
OTH 674Independent Project in OT6
OTH 675Research Independent Study6
OTH 676Adv Concepts Community OT3
OTH 678Hand Therapy Interventions3
OTH 681OT: Past, Present, & Future2
OTH 682Fieldwork I: Community Client1
OTH 685Family & Client Centered Care3
OTH 686Adv Concepts Leadership3
OTH 687FW II: Program Development2
OTH 692Current Issues Gerontology3
OTH 694Fieldwork Level IIa9
OTH 696Fieldwork Level IIb6
OTH 697Doctoral Experience Component12
OTH 698Fieldwork Level IIb9
OTH 699Special Topics in OT3
OTH 703Doctoral Seminar III1
OTH 705OT Education Practicum3
OTH 711Doctoral Capstone Project3
OTH 737Community Based OT3
Total Hours170