Pharmacology & Toxicology Major

Many breakthroughs in science and technology have occurred as a result of research in pharmacology and toxicology, including advancements in drug therapy. Saint Joseph’s Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology and Toxicology program is one of the few undergraduate programs of its kind in the country that prepares you to enter this cutting-edge field. In this program, you’ll learn laboratory techniques and how to conduct and analyze research while mastering pharmacology and toxicology theoretical approaches. You’ll conduct independent research in our state-of-the-art labs under the guidance of expert faculty and present your findings in our annual undergraduate research symposium.

BIO 109General Biology I3
BIO 119General Biology II3
BIO 119LGeneral Biology II Laboratory1
BIO 202Human Structure and Function I3
BIO 202LHuman Structure&Function I Lab1
BIO 203Human Structure & Function II3
BIO 203LHum Structure& Function II Lab1
BIO 243Microbial Science3
BIO 243LMicrobial Science Lab1
CHM 120General Chemistry I3
CHM 120LGeneral Chemistry Lab I2
CHM 346Biochemistry4
CHM 356Molecular Biology and Genetics3
CHM 125General Chemistry II3
CHM 125LGeneral Chemistry Lab II2
CHM 210Organic Chemistry I3
CHM 210LOrganic Chemistry Lab I1
CHM 215Organic Chemistry II3
CHM 215LOrganic Chemistry Lab II1
PHT 305Fundamentals of Pharmacology3
PHT 307Introduction to Toxicology2
PHT 320Techniques in Pharmacol & Tox2
PHT 324Pharmacology & Toxicology Sem1
PHT 421Advanced Medicinal Chem/Pharm4
PHT 470Special Topics Pharmacology4
PHT 471Special Topics in Toxicology3
PHT 404Pharmacology&Toxicology Sem II1
PHS 303Pharmaceutics&Biopharmaceu I3
PHS 303LPharmaceutics Laboratory1
PHY 201Introductory Physics I3
PHY 202Introductory Physics II3
PHY 202LIntro. Physics II Laboratory1
PHY 201LIntro. Physics I Laboratory1
ENG 264Scientific Writing3
COM 100Introduction to Communication3
MAT 120The Mathematics of Modeling3
MAT 155Fundamentals of Calculus3
MAT 161Calculus I4
MAT 162Calculus II4