Entertainment Marketing Major

The Saint Joseph's University Marketing Department offers a major for the student who wants to work behind-the-scenes in show business. With a degree in Entertainment Marketing, you can help to develop a blockbuster campaign to promote a studio's latest film, a concert event or theater production.

The Entertainment Marketing Major teaches students how traditional marketing practices are applied and often rewritten in the world of entertainment through specialized courses and interaction with industry entertainers and entertainment executives. 

Goal 1: Functional Marketing Skills:

Outcome 1.1: Students will be able to develop and evaluate marketing plans intended to satisfy objectives for the entertainment industry.

Outcome 1.2: Students will gather, analyze, and assess customer and industry data.

Goal 2: Critical Thinking Skills

Outcome 2.1: Students will engage in critical analyses and discussions of real problems in the entertainment industry.

Goal 3: Communication Skills

Outcome 3.1: Students will demonstrate clear and persuasive oral and written communication skills.

Goal 4: Ignatian Values

Outcome 4.1: Students will understand the role of Ignatian values in entertainment marketing.

The traditional undergraduate programs includes a minimum of 120 credits distributed across three components: A General Education component divided into Signature Courses, Variable Courses, and an Integrative Learning requirement; a Major and Divisional component; and Free Electives. In addition to course requirements as specified in each area, students must complete one certified course in each of the following overlay areas1:

  1. Diversity, Globalization or Non-western Area Studies,
  2. Ethics Intensive
  3. Writing Intensive, and
  4. Diversity

Overlay requirements are part of the 120 credit requirements

General Education Signature Courses

See this page about Signature courses

General Education Variable Courses

See this page about Variable courses. Six to Nine courses

General Education Overlays

See this page about Overlays.

General Education Integrative Learning Component

See this page about Integrative Learning Component. Three courses:

ECN 102Introductory Economics Macro3
Two additional courses from the following:6
Communication Theory/Practice
Major American Writers Any ENG 200-499
Global English Literature
English Grammar
Cultural Diversity
Public Speaking & Presentation
Special Topics in Literature
Literature and Film
The Roaring Twenties
Black Popular Culture
Passing Narratives - Black Lit
Re-Reading the Sixties
Music & American Literature
Lesbian & Gay Narrative
SophSem:Critical App Lit Study
Creative Writing:Intro Wrkshop
News Reporting
Writing for Organizations
Writing for Public Relations
Negotiations, Writing&Conflict
Fact-checking and Fake News
Intro to Mass Communication
Middle English Literature
Renaissance Non-dramatic Lit
Renaissance Drama
Eighteenth Century English Lit
Nineteenth Century English Lit
Modernism: British & Irish Lit
20th Century Irish Literature
21st Century Irish Literature
Literature of South Asia
Literature of South Africa
Contexts of Faith in Modrn Lit
Early American Literature
Amer Romantic & Trancend Lit
American Literature 1865-1915
Twentieth Century American Lit
Contemporary American Lit
Southern Literature
African American Literature
Black Women Writers
Caribbean Lit in English
Modern Drama
Read,Write,Adapt Thtre Drama
Poetry Workshop
Fiction Workshop
Creative Nonfiction
Tutor Prac, Writ Cntr Thry Pr
The Art of The Interview
Advanced News Reporting
Feature Writing
Sports Journalism
Stunt Journalism
Multimedia Journalism
Independent Study:Jr. Level
Seminar in Rhetorical Theory
The Essay
Chaucer & the Medieval World
Shakespeare and Race
Eng,Irish,Anglophone Authors
Early Tudor Gender Power & Lit
20th/21st Cent. British Novel
Irish Gothic Fiction
Black British Literature
Postcolonial Studies
Rebellious Women Writers
Post-Soul Black Literature
American Authors
American Novel, 19th 20th Cent
Amer.Poetry, 19th & 20th Cent.
Contemporary American Poetry
American Drama
Nature & Environmental Writing
The Harlem Renaissance
The Beat Rebellion
The Civil Rights Movement
Special Topics in Theater
Theater Performance Practicum
Environmental Justice
Literacy as a Social Practice
Special Topics in Writing
Race, Class, and Gender
Gender & Narrative
Writing the Grant Proposal
Hospital Stories
Writing and Reading Animals
Magazine Writing
Food Writing
Travel Writing
Literary Journalism
Special Topics in Journalism
Journalism & Entrepreneurship
Communication and the Law
Media/Culture in South Africa
The Art of Editing
Independent Study:Senior Level
Literary Forms & Styles
Literature & Culture
Seminar in Narrative Form
Spec Topics in Critical Theory
English Internship
Indep Research Project (Fall)
Indep Research Project (SPR)
Popular Culture in the US
History of Rock and Pop
Music Fundamentals
Intro to World Music
Westrn Music Hist: MidAge-1750
Western Music Hist: 1750-Pres
Introduction to Theatre
History of Broadway Musical
Introduction to Film
History of Narrative Film
Music Theory I
Theatre History
Producing & Business of Film
Series Screenwriting
Short Film Production
Commercial Production
American Film
European Cinemas
Five Films
Non-Western World Cinemas
Major Figures in Film
Episodic Series Production
Advanced Screenwriting
Media & Popular Culture

Free Electives

Six courses

Business Foundation 

Ten courses, including:

ACC 101Concepts of Financial Acct3
ACC 102Managerial Accounting3
DSS 100Excel Competency1
DSS 200Intro to Information Systems3
DSS 210Business Statistics3
DSS 220Business Analytics3
FIN 200Intro to Finance3
or FIN 225 Fund of Quantitative Finance
MGT 110Essent'ls of Organzational Beh3
or MGT 120 Essentials of Management
MGT 360Legal Environment of Business3
MKT 201Principles of Marketing3
BUS 495Business Strategy 13
or ACC 423 Accounting Control Systems
Total Hours31

Accounting Majors can choose between ACC 423 and BUS BUS 495

Major Requirements

MKT 202Marketing Research3
MKT 302Consumer & Buyer Behavior3
MKT 342Music and Entertainment Law3
MKT 343Entertainment Marketing3
Select two Music or Sports Marketing electives:6
Principles of Selling
Marketing Analytics
Selling and Sales Management
Fashion Marketing
Music Marketing
Business of Recorded Music
Event Marketing
Business of Sports
Sports Law
Sports Marketing
Sports, Selling, & Sales
Sports Analytics
Internship in Marketing I
Sports Marketing Internship
Total Hours18