Journalism Minor

Learning Goals and Objectives

Goal 1; Develop an understanding of the vital role that media organizations play in sustaining democracies.

Objective 1.1: Demonstrate an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of a free press as well as an understanding of the various economic and social factors that influence the creation, dissemination, and consumption of journalism.

Goal 2: Learn basic journalism principles and accepted tenets of journalism ethics and the law, in part by way of significant moments in journalism history.

Objective 2.1: Develop and produce stories, and adhere to reporting practices, that reflect an understanding of basic journalism principles and that follow ethical guidelines such as those outlined in the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics.  

Goal 3: Develop reporting skills, from story ideation and discovery to pitching, sourcing, interviewing and information gathering.

Objective 3.1: Produce a variety of  journalism, from breaking news or game day stories to full-length features or multimedia packages, that reflects learned skills in story ideation and reporting.  

Goal 4: Develop writing skills that help them produce engaging journalistic content, including but not limited to news and feature stories, with particular attention paid to writing strong leads, organizing and focusing story angles and materials, and incorporating quotes.  

Objective 4.1: Produce a variety of journalism, from breaking news or game day stories to full-length features or multimedia packages, that reflects learned skills in the development of story angles, in organization of sourced materials and in writing.

Goal 5: Acquire skills with common and emerging multimedia tools, platforms and programs, aiding in the creation, hosting and promotion of journalistic work.

Objective 5.1: Demonstrate familiarity with various multimedia tools and programs, and in particular, an understanding of the use of social media platforms for journalists and news organizations.

Goal 6: Develop revision strategies and copy editing skills consistent with accepted journalism practice and style.

Objective 6.1: Practice revision strategies and demonstrate knowledge of copy editing skills and journalism style.

The minor in Journalism requires six journalism courses beyond the common courses (ENG 101 and ENG 102) of the GEP.

ENG 261News Reporting3
ENG 490Journalism Internship3
Select four 300 or 400 level journalism courses, including:
Magazine Writing
Food Writing
Travel Writing

English Majors may also minor in Journalism.