Exercise Physiology Minor

The Exercise Physiology minor offers students from any discipline the opportunity to dive into the science of human movement and its profound impact on health and performance. Through two fundamentals courses and four elective courses, students will explore the systems of the human body, the principles of movement, and how exercise and fitness are related to chronic diseases, acute injuries, and human performance. Students may select four elective courses tailored to their interests, further deepening their knowledge in specific areas of exercise physiology and enabling them to pursue a variety of certifications within the health and fitness field. This minor equips students with valuable insights into the optimization of physical health and athletic capabilities, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application in promoting lifelong health and optimal sports performance. 

Goal 1. Core Understanding in Exercise Science

Outcome 1.1: Students will gain essential knowledge in exercise physiology including fundamental concepts of human movement, fitness, chronic disease management, injury prevention, and performance enhancement through two foundational courses. 

Goal 2. Specialized Knowledge and Professional Development

Outcome 2.1: Students will deepen their comprehension in targeted areas of exercise physiology, enhancing their understanding for health and fitness certifications and their readiness for a range of professional contexts.

Outcome 2.2: Students will develop a foundational capacity for critical thinking and ethical behavior, laying the groundwork for potential advanced studies or various roles in the health and fitness industry. 

EPH 120Foundations: Exercise Science3
EPH 301Exercise Physiology4
Select any four Exercise Physiology (EPH) elective courses:12
Total Hours19