Pharmacology & Toxicology, PhD

Pharmacology and toxicology lie on the cutting edge of medicine, where researchers discover and determine the effects of chemicals. Housed in the School of Health Professions’ historic Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, Saint Joseph’s University’s Pharmacology and Toxicology PhD program trains you to contribute to this growing body of scientific and medical research with a curriculum that combines theory with experiment.

This doctoral degree in pharmacology and toxicology offers the opportunity to conduct doctoral-level research, defend a PhD thesis and publish and present your research. With a PhD, you’ll gain a competitive edge to advance your career in academia, the government or the pharmaceutical industry.

PHT 750Research Ethics and Conduct2
PHT 801Research Lit in Pharm/Tox1-2
PHT 811Research Techniques Laboratory3
PHT 821Molecular Pharmacology3
PHT 880Pharm Tox Seminar1-2
Electives: PHT, PHS, BIO, CBI, MAT, CHM 700-800 level9
PHT 899Doctoral Research20
Total Hours39-41