History Minor

Learning Goals and Objectives 

Goal 1: Articulate key differences in human experience across time and place.

Objective 1a: Students will be able to identify, articulate, and analyze the context, causes and consequences of historical events and epochs in different regions of the world and different time periods.

Goal 2: Assess competing assertions about the processes and dynamics of change over time.

Objective 2a: Students will be able to distinguish and evaluate the characteristics of multiple theoretical perspectives and methodological practices used to interpret the past.

Goal 3: Evaluate arguments based on empirical assertions and evidence rooted in the discipline

Objective 3a: Students will be able to recognize the characteristics of different kinds of sources (primary and secondary) and understand how they are used.

Objective 3b: Students will be able to discover different kinds of sources and evaluate their credibility and utility in specific circumstances.

Goal 4: Produce clear and persuasive analyses of relevant research questions based on the conventions of the discipline.

Objective 4a: Students will be able to practice the discipline’s professional standards, including acknowledging and building on the work of others.

Objective 4b: Students will be able to apply a variety of tools, methods, and perspectives to investigate and interpret the past in an independently developed, supervised research undertaking.

The minor in history requires completion of HIS 154 and any five History courses numbered HIS 201 or higher.