Marketing M.S.

Natalie T. Wood, Ph.D., Chair, Marketing
Jeannine Lajeunesse, M.B.A., Program Director
Kate Sonstein, M.B.A., Manager, Market Development
Lauren DiNuzzo, Program Administrator, Student Support


The Master of Marketing requires completion of 30 to 42 credits with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better in courses taken at SJU. The degree can be completed in 30 credits (10 classes) by completing the Advanced Program if the Foundation Requirements can be met through acceptable undergraduate transfer credit or challenge exam. Students granted a business administration bachelor’s degree from an AACSB accredited program within 10 years of beginning the MS program normally take 30 semester credits to complete their degree. Courses carry three semester credits unless otherwise noted.

All course prerequisites must be satisfied prior to enrolling in a given course; prerequisites are indicated in the section on Course Descriptions. Students may be admitted to Advanced Program courses before completion of the entire Foundation Program, but must complete the Foundation Program by the time that twelve (12) credits have been earned in the Advanced Program. 

Admissions Requirements and Procedures for the M.S. in Marketing

  • Applicants for admission must possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university.  The applicant must submit the following:
  • A completed application form, accompanied by a non-refundable application fee.
  • Official transcripts indicating receipt of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Official scores on Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examinations (GRE); information is available for the GMAT at and for the GRE, Scores on the GMAT/GRE must have been taken within seven years of the student’s application. Under certain conditions the GMAT/GRE exam may be waived by petition. 
  • Two letters of recommendation, one from an employer and one from a former professor; if no prior employment, both letters may be from former professors, or if out of school for more than two years, both may be from the employer.
  • Personal statement.
  • Business résumé.

International Applicants

International applicants are no longer required to submit a credentials evaluation—transcript evaluations will be performed by Admissions staff. However, applicants already possessing a course-by-course evaluation of their transcripts are encouraged to submit this in place of original transcripts. For those who do not possess a course-by­-course evaluation, an official record of all college and university academic studies and results of state and/or national examinations taken are required. Academic records must include the name of each individual course, the grade earned, and the grading scale used. Documents must be submitted in one’s native language with an official English translation. The Graduate Operations Office performs all international credential evaluations. Foreign documents, credentials and transcripts must be official (sealed and sent directly from the institution). Only originals or photocopies officially stamped and attested by a school official (Registrar, Principle, or Controller of Examinations) are accepted. Faxes, scanned or notarized copies or copies attested by a department head cannot be accepted as official. All credentials submitted to the Graduate Operations Office become property of the University and cannot be returned. 

Foreign applicants whose native language is not English are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Arrangements should be made by writing directly to TOEFL, Box 6151, Princeton, NJ, U.S.A., 08541-6151. Students already in the Philadelphia area who do not have a TOEFL score may be admitted following satisfactory performance on the English test administered at the ELS Center on the Saint Joseph’s University campus. A minimum score of 550, internet based TOEFL 80, or 213 on computerized test on the TOEFL is required to take any courses in the MIM Program. An official IELTS score of 6.5 or official PTE score of 60 is also acceptable. Qualified students who complete Level 112 at the ELS Language Center and receive a strong, positive letter of recommendation from the Center can begin their Mastet of Science in Marketing studies without the official TOEFL score. Foreign applicants seeking an F-1 student visa must also supply a statement of financial support.

International applicants should be aware that a significant portion of the courses in M.S. in Marketing with a specialization in Customer Analytics and Insights are taught online

Program Prerequisites

Students who have applied to the program and possess non-business undergraduate degrees are advised that under normal circumstances they must complete the following prerequisite courses prior to entering the program. Under exceptional circumstances, co-registration with specific core level courses will be considered.

  • Marketing Concepts (MKT 501)
  • Accounting Concepts (ACC 500)
  • Financial Management (FIN 503)
  • Managerial Economics (FIN500)

Transfer of Courses

Students may transfer up to six graduate credit hours (2 courses) towards the M.S. degree from an accredited college or university, provided the students earned a grade of B or better.

Retention Policies

Grading, Probation, Dismissal, and Failure

The grading system in effect at SJU will apply to courses both in the M.S. Program in International Marketing and the M.S. in Marketing Program. Student advising will be the responsibility of the Program Director, but students' are encouraged to share their academic and career expectations with members of the faculty who teach in the program.

As per university guidelines for graduate study, students enrolled in the either the M.S. Program in International Marketing or the M.S, in Marketing Program who receive a single grade of C or below for three (3) credit hours will be issued a warning letter. Students who receive a grade of C or below for six (6) credit hours will be placed on academic probation and will be so notified in writing by the Program Director. Students receiving a grade of C or below for nine (9) credit hours will be dismissed from the program.

To graduate, students must fulfill all credit hour requirements for the M.S. degree. Each candidate for graduation must have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA, no more than two grades of C or below, and no F grades outstanding in order to be certified for graduation.

Retention Processes and Policies

Students enrolled in the M.S. in International Marketing Program or the M.S. in Marketing Program have six years to complete their M.S. degree from Saint Joseph’s University. Extensions beyond this limit can only be made with the approval of the Dean, and only for unusual and serious circumstances.

Students who exceed the time limit to complete the Program will be dismissed from the program. Such students may reapply for admission into the program as new students and start the program with no credit from previous courses taken.

Graduation/Commencement Policies

Students must complete all course requirements prior to graduation. Upon petition to the Program Director, students may be permitted to take part in commencement exercises only after successfully completing at least nine (9) of the ten program courses.

Financial Assistance

A limited number of graduate assistantships are available to students who have been admitted into the program. In exchange for carrying out assigned duties in the Department, students receive tuition assistance as well as a monthly stipend. For more information, please contact the Director of the M.S. in Marketing Program.


Jeannine Lajeunesse, M.B.A.,  Director
280 Mandeville Hall
Saint Joseph’s University
5600 City Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131-1395
Phone: (610) 660-1626
Fax: (610) 660-1599
web site:

Learning Goals and Objectives

Knowledge of Functional Area:  Students will know core concepts within each business discipline of accounting, finance, management, marketing, and information technology.

Strategic Thinking:  Students will inform, apply, and assess strategic approaches to complex industry-related problems and provide as well as evaluate alternative strategies.

Global/Diversity:  Students will understand the challenges businesses face in a global economy, and the cultural issues firms must address to succeed in this environment.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving:  Students will be able to analyze business scenarios in an integrative way and make constructive recommendations for problem solving.

Communication Skills:  Students will demonstrate competency in written and verbal communication aimed at facilitating, and reporting the results of, collaborative problem solving and decision making processes.

Ignatian Values/Jesuit Traditions:  Students will be able to generate scholarship that embodies free, open inquiry, and provokes imaginative thinking and reflection on values. 


Master of Science in Marketing will offer two academic specializations: (1) International Marketing and (2) Customer Analytics and Insights. Each specialization requires completion of ten courses. Students should select one of these specializations at the time of enrollment.

International Marketing Courses

MKT 550Marketing Strategy3
MKT 609Marketing Analytics3
MKT 612Global Cultures and Consumers3
MKT 614International Mktg Research3
MKT 613International Channel Manag3
MKT 616Global Mktg Communications3
MKT 618Int'l Prod Develop & Brand Mgt3
MKT 770International Mktg Study Tour 23
MKT 795Seminar in International Mktg3
Choose one (1) elective from MKT courses not within the Specialization 1

Customer Insights and Analytics

MKT 550Marketing Strategy3
MKT 605Research in Marketing3
or MKT 614 International Mktg Research
MKT 610DigitalMarketing& WebAnalytics3
MKT 612Global Cultures and Consumers3
MKT 620Customer Analytics3
MKT 621Qualitative Marketing Research3
MKT 622Advert & Consumer Insight3
MKT 623Predict Analystics for MKT3
Choose (1) elective from MKT courses not within the Specialization 1