International Business (IBU)

IBU 150 Cultrl Divers & Interntnl Bus (3 credits)

The course develops the understanding that cultural diversity is a crucial component of sustained and productive cross-border interactions in general and international business in particular. It discusses the power of diversity whereby the whole can be made greater than the sum of the parts. Through in-class exercises and out-of-class assignments, the course leads students to accept that their framework for looking at the world around them, i.e., their worldview, may be very different from that of other cultures. The course encourages students to explore their comfort level with different views of the world through experiential exercises and through investigation of some causes for differences across cultures. It introduces and develops critical thinking regarding the role of business and its obligations to all stakeholders while developing the notion of corporate social responsibility. First Year Seminar

Attributes: Diversity Course (New GEP), First-Year Seminar, Globalization Course (New GEP), Undergraduate

IBU 210 Intro International Busines (3 credits)

This course is designed to introduce students to the basic concepts of international business by examining the following: 1) Country differences in political economy and culture; 2) Theories and politics of international trade, foreign direct investment and regional economic integration; 3) International operations from a functional perspective (i.e. Marketing, Operations, and Human Resources).

Attributes: Globalization Course (New GEP)

IBU 270 International Bus Spec Topics (3 credits)

Prerequisites: HSB students: MGT 110 or MGT 120 or MGT 121; CAS students: Permission of Chair.

IBU 310 Managing Foreign Direct Invest (3 credits)

This course is designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of international business by examining the following: 1) Theories of foreign direct investment (FDI) and international trade; 2) types of multinational corporations (MNCs) and MNCs’ global strategies; 3) managing entry-, operation-, and exit-level managerial issues, including exchange rates and risk. This course is primarily geared towards juniors who are interested in majoring or minoring in International Business.

Prerequisites: MGT 110 or MGT 120 or MGT 121

Restrictions: Enrollment limited to students with a class of Junior, Sophomore or Senior.

Attributes: Globalization Course (New GEP), Undergraduate

IBU 363 International Business Law (3 credits)

IBU 370 Intern'l Topics & Study Tour (3 credits)

The objective of this course is to participate in a study tour or similar experience offering numerous corporate and institutional visits to allow first hand exploration of business issues. Emphasis will be placed on accounting, economic, finance, management, and marketing issues for various firms. A secondary objective is to expose students to different national cultures and cultural issues related to business. A third objective is to focus on one or more current business topics affecting at least two functional areas. Students will be expected to analyze the impact of the topic (s) on the various areas of business, particularly on the operation of multinational corporations. Pre-requisites: none

Attributes: Undergraduate

IBU 420 International Management (3 credits)

IBU 470 Spec Topics in Internat Busine (3 credits)

IBU 471 Intl Business Practicum (1 credit)

This course is meant for students with opportunities working over the course of the semester/summer whose employers require a credit as condition of employment. To apply, the student submits a letter to the chair explaining why the practical training is required and includes a letter from the employer. The student submits to the department chair an 8-10 page paper at the end of the practical training describing their work responsibilities and what skills s/he acquired by participating. Prerequisite/co-requisite: Student’s major must be management or approved by the chair and have completed MGT 110 or MGT 120 or MGT 121 or equivalent. Does not satisfy any major, minor, general education or elective requirement. Grade is Pass/Fail. May be repeated once. Permission of Chair required.

Attributes: Undergraduate

IBU 472 International Busine Practicum (1 credit)

IBU 490 International Bus Internship (3 credits)

Prerequisites: HSB students: MGT 110 or MGT 120 or MGT 121; Permission of Chair. CAS students: Permission of Chair.

Attributes: Undergraduate

IBU 493 Internatnl Business Research I (3 credits)

IBU 494 Interntnl Business Research II (3 credits)

IBU 495 Global Strategic Planning (3 credits)

This course is the capstone class of the International Business program and focuses on the management of corporations operating internationally. The international environment implies greater opportunities as companies have access to a wider variety of markets and resources. However, this environment also implies greater managerial challenges. The aim of this course is to investigate how this greater complexity affects the management of companies that are international. Prerequisite IBU210 MGT 110/120/121 and PHL154, and senior standing

Prerequisites: IBU 210 and (MGT 110 or MGT 120 or MGT 121) and PHL 154

Restrictions: Enrollment limited to students with a class of Senior.

Attributes: Ethics Intensive (New GEP), Undergraduate

IBU 661 International Management (3 credits)

This course examines the international business environment, management practices outside the United States, and the interpersonal, organizational and institutional, issues facing managers conducting business in more than one cultural context. Prerequisite: Completion or waiver of MGT 500.

Restrictions: Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students.

IBU 662 International Business Law (3 credits)

The purpose of this course is to acquaint the student with the international legal environment in which businesses operate. It will introduce the students to international business law as it has evolved over the centuries. It will also introduce students to national, regional and international organizations that regulate foreign commerce, including how international disputes are resolved. International sales, credits, and commercial transactions will be examined, as well as international and U.S. trade law. Prerequisites: Completion or waiver of MGT 500.

Restrictions: Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students.

IBU 663 Manage Intl Strategic Alliance (3 credits)

This course examines formation, management, and evolution of international strategic alliances (including international joint ventures) as the most frequently used and uniquely characterized mode of entry into foreign markets. Completion or waiver of MGT 500.

Prerequisites: MGT 500

IBU 770 International Bus Study Tour (3 credits)

A specially designed international tour to varying countries which offers students a unique opportunity to study international management—its dimensions, participants, trends, and opportunities. Students will also experience the heritage, ambience and excitement of the world’s great countries and cities. Prerequisite: MGT 551 or MGT 553.

Prerequisites: MGT 551 or MGT 553

IBU 771 Topics: International Business (3 credits)

This course covers topics of current interest in the field of leadership. The specific subjects and prerequisites will be announced in the course schedule. Prerequisite: MGT 551 or MGT 553.

Prerequisites: MGT 551 or MGT 553