Organization Development and Leadership M.S.

The mission of the Saint Joseph’s University Master’s of Science in Organization Development and Leadership is to educate adult students to create more effective and healthy human systems in an inclusive world community.  Students learn to foster sustainable change in individuals, groups and organizational systems by applying theories, principles and research in the fields of organization development, adult learning, organizational psychology, and organizational dynamics.

Goal 1:  Students will gain knowledge and apply the history, theories, values, ethics, processes and practices of Organization Development to their workplace, communities and/or personal lives.

Outcome 1.1:  Students will display the ability to conduct assessments, build relationships, and intervene for positive human impact at the individual, group, and organization levels of system

Outcome 1.2:  Students will practice and assess the use of dialogical models, feedback, coaching and simulations designed to transform individuals and effect change in organizations.

Outcome 1.3:  Students will examine the influence of organizational culture on behavior change.

Goal 2:  Students will develop interpersonal and leadership competencies for lifelong learning in themselves and others.

Outcome 2.1:  Students will use recommended models of leadership (e.g., emotional intelligence, situational leadership, whole brain theory, neuroscience, etc.) to document growth in self-awareness.

Outcome 2.2:  Students will demonstrate self-awareness through learning activities, critical reflection and demonstrating knowledge grounded in current research and models of leadership development like emotional intelligence, situational leadership, whole brain theory, neuroscience, etc.

Outcome 2.3:  Students will be able to describe and/ or demonstrate knowledge of the relationships between learning, leadership, and change.

Goal 3:  Students will respect, value and demonstrate academic research and writing

Outcome 3.1:  The student will complete a thesis or capstone using APA style applicable to the workplace or academic discipline.

MGT 650Organizational Leadership3
MGT 665Facilitating Groups & Teams3
MGT 700Organization Development3
MGT 561HR & People Research, Meas&Met3
MGT 555Equity in Organizations3
MGT 780Research Design & Evaluation 13
or MGT 781 Applied ODL Project (Capstone)
Electives 212
Total Hours30

MGT 780 is the thesis track capstone; students must take MGT 785 as an elective to complete the thesis


Students may choose to apply electives toward one of four certificates: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Organization Development and Change; Leadership; or Human Resources. See the certificate pages for elective options.