Creative and Professional Writing Graduate Certificate

Students who enroll in this certificate program may take courses within the existing Writing Studies M.A. program, housed in the English Department. The 15-credit certificate program takes half the time of the M.A. and does not require a thesis. Certificate students who wish to continue on to the M.A. are welcome to do so. 


Learning Goals and Outcomes

Learning goals and objectives for the certificate program will mirror those of our current Writing Studies program, with the exception of the thesis requirement (Objective 5.1: Exercise the ability to plan, write, revise and edit a work of at least 60-80 pages – not applicable to certificate program).

Goal 1: Acquire knowledge of the writing process (addressed specifically in ENG 550)

Students will be able to:

Objective 1.1: Exercise patterns of invention for creating original work by following a process-oriented approach to writing that includes brainstorming, drafting, and revision.

Goal 2: Develop editorial skills (addressed in all our offerings)

Students will be able to:

Objective 2.1: Formulate constructive responses to the work of their peers regarding stylistic choices and organizational principles in one or more creative literary forms, such as poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. (Addressed specifically in ENG 550 and all our workshop offerings)

Objective 2.2: Practice editing skills through examining their own writing. (Addressed specifically in ENG 550 and all our workshop offerings.)

Goal 3: Acquire knowledge of the publishing process (addressed specifically in ENG 550)

Students will be able to:

Objective 3.1: Locate publishing venues and prepare a manuscript for submission in one or more genres, such as fiction, nonfiction, poetry, journalism, academic writing, or online content.

Goal 4: Develop rhetorical skills through analysis and practice (addressed in all our course offerings)

Students will be able to:

Objective 4.1: Demonstrate knowledge of rhetorical concepts, such as audience, purpose, and medium.

Objective 4.2: Practice analyzing appeals to character, emotion, and logic in persuasive discourse.

Certificate Requirements

  • 15 credit hours of study

  • One required course (ENG 550, The Practice of Writing, our introduction to graduate writing course)

  • Four elective courses of level ENG 600 within Writing Studies. Such courses include but are not limited to the following:

ENG 550The Practice of Writing3
Choose 4 Electives:12
ENG 600Poetry Today3
ENG 612Biography3
ENG 614The Short Story3
ENG 615Road to Revolution in 1960s3
ENG 616Writing and Inciting3
ENG 617Writing and the Other Arts3
ENG 619Reading & Writing Y.A. Novels3
ENG 620Special Topics in Lit/Culture3
ENG 621Horror in Literature & Film3
ENG 630Composition Theory3
ENG 635The Writing Teacher Writing3
ENG 636Writing & Empowerment3
ENG 640Experiments in Narrative3
ENG 641RhetoricalTheory:SpecialTopics3
ENG 642Style3
ENG 643Special Topics in Essay3
ENG 646Multimedia Storytelling3
ENG 665Memoir3
ENG 668Creative Nonfiction Workshop3
ENG 669Poetry Writing Workshop3
ENG 670Fiction Writing Workshop3
ENG 671Fiction Writing Workshop II3
ENG 673Screenwriting Workshop3
ENG 675Special Topics Writing Wkshop3
ENG 676Writing for Publication3
ENG 677Case Study:Public Relations3
ENG 678Case Study: MagazinePublishing3
ENG 679Special Topics in Journalism3
ENG 680Writing the Grant Proposal3
ENG 681Writers at Work3
ENG 682New Media3
ENG 683Editing Practicum3
ENG 684Health Writing3