School of Education and Human Development

School of Education & Human Development 

Dean: Joshua Power, Ed.D

Associate Dean: Aimee LaPointe Terosky, Ed.D.

Assistant Dean: Carole Hoy, Ed.D.

Faculty Listing: School of Education and Human Development 


Grounded in the Jesuit commitment of being “men and women with and for others” and the Ignatian tradition of the importance of a rigorous liberal arts core, the School of Education and Human Development (SEHD) aspires to prepare current and future students as exemplary education, leadership development, and counseling professionals who understand the implications of their field of studies and practices and who see themselves as transformative leaders in these fields by:

  • Promoting long-lasting and ethically rooted local, national and international partnerships with education, health, and organizations committed to improving the social conditions of the communities and people they serve.
  • Providing educational experiences and programs for our undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral candidates that promote a sense of professionalism rooted in a deep commitment to collaboration, interdisciplinarity, social advocacy, critical thinking and community engagement, both within and beyond Saint Joseph's University.
  • Fostering a professional identity that draws in the liberal arts tradition of rigor, discernment and the education of the whole person to help candidates see themselves as reflective practitioners who engage in research and critical inquiry to improve their practices and the communities in which they work.
  • Engaging in critical issues that affect our surrounding communities, whether locally, nationally or internationally, and advocating for policy changes that promote social equality.