Industrial and Organizational Psychology Minor

The Industrial/Organizational Psychology minor is an interdisciplinary program between the Psychology department in the College of Arts & Science and the Management Department of the Haub School of Business.  According to the US Department of Labor, Industrial/Organizational Psychology is the fastest-growing subfield of psychology, with a 26% growth rate projected from 2008 – 2018, and 53.4% between 2012 and 2022. Furthermore, Psychology is one of the primary sub-disciplines of Management and is a particular point of emphasis in Human Resource Management (e.g. recruitment, selection, motivation, and training) and Organizational Behavior (teams, negotiation, stress, satisfaction, and commitment). This minor is one of the few undergraduate minors in the country in this area; the interdisciplinary nature of it allows us to offer expertise in both Psychology and Management.

Required (2 Courses)
PSY 230Social Psychology3
MGT 110Essent'ls of Organzational Beh3
Essentials of Management
Intro: Managing Human Capital 1
Plus two additional courses among the following:
PSY 200Personality Psychology3
PSY 226Psychology of Emotion3
PSY 227Cognitive Psychology3
PSY 301Psychological Assessment 23
PSY 390/391Internship I3
Plus two additional courses among the following:
LEO 211Perspectives on Leadership3
LEO 311Leading Teams3
MHC 221Diversity in the Workplace3
MHC 222Influence,Negotiation&Conflict3
MHC 321International Talent Mgt3
MHC 322Decision Making w/ Analytics 23
MHC 495Manag Human Cap:Resrch/Appl3