Art Minor

The Art program at Saint Joseph’s University provides students with valuable problem-solving and technical hands-on skills and encourage students to think creatively, to take risks, and to be innovative. Studio classes are small, and students receive a great deal of one-on-one attention.

The program boasts three dedicated buildings that include a digital lab with high-end computers, printers and state-of-the-art software for graphic design and digital photography, painting, drawing, ceramics, and sculpture studios, a darkroom, shooting studio, a kiln house complete with electric, gas, and raku kilns, and classrooms.

Art students have many opportunities to exhibit their work on campus and to pursue internships that help secure jobs after graduation. Saint Joseph's University's proximity to Philadelphia allows studio classes to visit Philadelphia-area museums and galleries for field trips and on-location assignments.

Art students develop careers in a wide range of art-related areas, including advertising, gallery and museum curating, graphic design, pottery, interior design, fashion design, education, and architecture, among others.

Goal 1: To develop a visual awareness through analysis and creative work.

Outcome 1.1: Distinguish the components of a work of art, and

Outcome 1.2: Discuss the context of a work of art.

Goal 2: To manifest their visual awareness in their own work.

Outcome 2.1: Produce a body of creative visual works, and/or

Outcome 2.2: Write critical analysis of visual works of art.

The minimum requirement for the minor is the completion of six courses in Art (18 credits). Students are encouraged to take the two-semester capstone class during their senior year, which counts as two of the six required courses. Students taking the capstone class will participate in the senior art exhibition.

Choose 6 courses:18
Introduction to Studio Art
Drawing I
Painting I
Landscape Painting
Landscape Drawing
3-D Studio Art
Pottery I
Mosaics I
Ceramics I
Figurative Sculpture
Intro to Sculpture/Mixed Media
Special Topics
Camera-less Photography
Darkroom Photography I
Digital Photography I
Historical Photo Processes
Image Manipulation: Photoshop
Art Education in the Schools
Drawing II
Painting II
Concepts and Artmaking
Sculpture II
Pottery II
Ceramic Surface Design
Ceramics II
Atmospheric Firing: Wood/Salt
Ceramic Sculpture
Sculpture Mixed Media II
Figurative Sculpture II
Spec. Topics & Ind. Study (SO)
Darkroom Photography II
Commercial Photography
Experimental Digital Photo
Works on Paper
Drawing III
Painting III
Sculpture III
Ceramics III
Spec. Topics & Ind. Study (JR)
DirectedProjects - Photography
Photo Essay/Docu Photo
Ceramics IV
Spec Topics & Indep Study (SR)
Senior Project I (Capstone)
Senior Project II (Capstone)
Typography I
Total Hours18