Art Therapy Minor

Art therapy is a growing field that uses various forms of creative expression to help people explore and transform feelings, thoughts, and ideas through visual means of expression. It can help in processing and coping with emotional issues, as well as facilitate self-awareness, understanding, healing, and well-being. Art therapy can be especially useful for people who find it difficult to talk about their thoughts and emotions.

The Art Therapy minor is designed to provide students with some of the foundational courses required for admission to graduate programs in art therapy. It is intended as a first step for undergraduate students towards deciding if they wish to pursue paths toward professional, academic, and/or research careers in art therapy and related professions. Once this decision is made, students should consult with their academic advisors for appropriate guidance and familiarize themselves with graduate school admissions requirements as they map out their undergraduate careers.

Goal 1. Know and demonstrate understanding of the concepts, theoretical perspectives, and empirical findings of abnormal psychology, clinical mental health counseling, developmental psychology, and sensation and perception.

Goal 2. Know and demonstrate understanding of the concepts, theoretical perspectives, and empirical findings of artistic and creative development, the history and practice of art therapy, and the fundamentals of the therapeutic relationship.

Goal 3. Students will develop proficiency in the use of various art media, including, but not limited to, drawing, painting, ceramics, and sculpture.

ART 130Art Therapy3
or PSY 130 Art Therapy
Two Psychology Courses:
PSY 100Introductory Psychology3
or PSY 101 Intro Psychology Seminar
PSY 120Lifespan Development3
or PSY 231 Developmental Psychology
PSY 122Abnormal Psychology/Non-Majors3
or PSY 232 Advanced Abnormal Psychology
PSY 220Sensation and Perception3
Two Studio Art Courses:
ART 133Drawing I3
ART 135Painting I3
ART 1413-D Studio Art3
ART 142Pottery I3
ART 143Mosaics I3
ART 144Ceramics I3
ART 147Intro to Sculpture/Mixed Media3
One Art History Course3