Respiratory Care

The Respiratory Care program educates students to become registered respiratory therapists. Respiratory therapists are health care professionals that work at the bedside of patients with respiratory or breathing problems. Using patient interviews and chest exams, respiratory therapists assist in diagnosing pulmonary conditions and recommending treatment. Respiratory therapists consult with physicians and recommend changes in therapy based on evaluations of the patient. They analyze breathing, tissue and blood specimens to determine levels of oxygen and other gases. Respiratory therapists manage ventilators and artificial airway devices of patients in the neonatal, pediatric, or adult ICU who can’t breathe normally on their own. They respond to cardiac arrests, traumas, and other urgent calls for care in the ER and critical care units. Respiratory therapists also educate patients and families about lung disease to maximize their recovery. Additionally, respiratory therapists may also be found in home care, long-term ventilator-dependent, pulmonary rehabilitation, or pulmonary function facilities.

Program Description

The Respiratory Care program is a 24-month, six-semester program that begins in the fall semester. The Respiratory Care program is unique from other programs because students have clinical bedside experiences with their respiratory faculty every semester beginning in the first spring semester. Additionally, Respiratory Care students develop decision-making and critical thinking skills with the use of clinical simulation. Upon successful competition of the program, students earn an Associate in Applied Science degree and are eligible to take the National Board of Respiratory Care credentialing exams.

The AAS Degree Respiratory Therapy program located in Lancaster, PA, program number 200558, is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care ( For more information, contact the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care at 264 Precision Boulevard, Telford, TN 37690 or (817) 283-2835.


The mission of the Respiratory Care program is to create a dynamic learning environment that educates its students to be compassionate, competent professionals that obtain the registered respiratory therapist credential. The program will facilitate critical thinking and independent learning as well as development of therapeutic skills to enable graduates to function effectively as part of the health care team.

Goal 1: Demonstrate competence in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills) and affective (behavior) learning domains of respiratory care practice as performed by registered respiratory therapists.

Goal 2: Function as an integral part of the health care team.

Goal 3: Provide patients with competent, efficient and professional cardiopulmonary care.

Goal 4: Utilize theoretical knowledge, clinical experience and critical thinking as the basis for professional practice.

Goal 5: Practice responsibly within the ethical and legal realm of the respiratory therapist.

Goal 6: Demonstrate compassionate and culturally sensitive patient care.

General Education
BIO 175A&P for Nursing &Allied Health4
BIO 175LA&P Nursing& Allied Health Lab0
ENG 101Craft of Language3
MAT 112College Algebra3
CSS 101College Studies Seminar3
HSC 390Medical Terminology1
BIO 176A&P Nursing & Allied Health II4
BIO 176LA&P Nursing&Allied Hlth II Lab0
CHM 101Chemistry for Allied Health3
CHM 101LChemistry Allied Health Lab0
PSY 100Introductory Psychology3
PHL 490Ethical & Legal Dimen Hlth Sci1
SOC 101Intro to Sociology3
or SOC 270 Special Topics
INT 103Methods of Patient Care1
Respiratory Care
RCP 110Respiratory Care Proc I3
RCP 110LRespiratory Care Lab I3
RCP 130Respiratory Care Theory I2
RCP 140Respiratory Care Proc II2
RCP 140LRespiratory Care Lab II1
RCP 160Respiratory Care Theory II2
RCP 201Entry Level Review2
RCP 230Respiratory Care Theory III2
RCP 210Respiratory Care Proc III3
RCP 210LRespiratory Care Lab III2
RCP 240RC Clinical Level I2
RCP 260Resp Care Lab IV Clinical0
RCP 260LRespiratory Care Lab IV3
RCP 271RC Theory & Applic IV3
RCP 280Adv Level Resp Care Review2
RCP 290RC Clinical Level II4
RCP 251RC Proc & Diagnostics IV3
Total Hours68
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
BIO 175 A&P for Nursing &Allied Health 4
BIO 175L A&P Nursing& Allied Health Lab 0
CSS 101 College Studies Seminar 3
ENG 101 Craft of Language 3
MAT 112 College Algebra 3
HSC 390 Medical Terminology 1
RCP 110 Respiratory Care Proc I 3
RCP 110L Respiratory Care Lab I 3
RCP 130 Respiratory Care Theory I 2
BIO 176 A&P Nursing & Allied Health II 4
BIO 176L A&P Nursing&Allied Hlth II Lab 0
CHM 101 Chemistry for Allied Health 3
CHM 101L Chemistry Allied Health Lab 0
INT 103 Methods of Patient Care 1
RCP 140 Respiratory Care Proc II 2
RCP 140L Respiratory Care Lab II 1
RCP 160 Respiratory Care Theory II 2
Second Year
RCP 201 Entry Level Review 2
RCP 210 Respiratory Care Proc III 3
RCP 210L Respiratory Care Lab III 2
RCP 230 Respiratory Care Theory III 2
RCP 240 RC Clinical Level I 2
PSY 100 Introductory Psychology 3
RCP 251 RC Proc & Diagnostics IV 3
RCP 260 Resp Care Lab IV Clinical 0
RCP 260L Respiratory Care Lab IV 3
RCP 271 RC Theory & Applic IV 3
PHL 490 Ethical & Legal Dimen Hlth Sci 1
SOC 101
Intro to Sociology
or Special Topics
RCP 280 Adv Level Resp Care Review 2
RCP 290 RC Clinical Level II 4
 Total Hours68