Philadelphia College of Pharmacy

Dean: Edward Foote, PharmD, FCCP
Assistant Dean: Lisa Charneski, PharmD 
Assistant Dean: Laura Waite, PharmD, BCPS, CLS
Assistant Dean: Scott Greene, RPh, MS, PharmD

Faculty Listing

Home to programs in pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacology and toxicology, the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy (PCP) is where modern pharmacy started. Since its founding in 1821 as the first college of pharmacy in North America, names like McNeil, Lilly, Wyeth — founders of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world — and many others have launched their careers here. We continue that tradition of excellence with our hands-on approach, offering future pharmacists clinical experience — practically from day one.

Graduates of the SHP: Philadelphia College of Pharmacy play important roles in pharmacies, managed care organizations, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and regulatory agencies.

The mission of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy is to educate and develop students to  become leaders and innovators in patient care, research, and business who are differentiated  by their professional and ethical values.  

Mission, Vision and Values

The vision of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy is that it will be globally recognized for  developing learners who excel in innovative, compassionate, collaborative, evidence-based  patient care and practice, scientific advancements, research and healthcare business.    

The core values of the SHP: Philadelphia College of Pharmacy are: 

● PCP is an inclusive and collaborative community of students, faculty, alumni and staff who together pursue excellence in a setting focused on personal and professional  growth.  

● PCP is a scholarly community where students, faculty, alumni and staff collaborate in  advancing the profession of pharmacy. 

● PCP provides a student centered educational experience in which the development of  students’ intellectual and professional strengths and emotional intelligence are of  paramount importance. 

● PCP equips students with the tools for critical thinking and life-long learning. 

● Members of the PCP community conduct their affairs in a collegial manner with a  clear sense of duty, integrity, accountability and caring. 

● Members of the PCP community contribute to the broader communities in which they live and work. 

PCP is dedicated to students’ acquisition and integration of the requisite knowledge, skills, values and  attitudes that enable them to become educated and responsible citizens, competent healthcare, and scientific professionals, life-long learners and leaders. Its educational philosophy is learner-centered and developmental, building knowledge, skills, and self-confidence in an incremental manner, with a focus on “learning and knowing by doing”. The objectives of this approach are accomplished by the use of active learning techniques within the classroom, the development of analytical and problem solving skills through individualized and integrated application exercises, as well as extensive practice and research experiences that allow application of learned knowledge in and out of the classroom. Students are also engaged via co-curricular activities including college and professional organizations, and interactions in a  formalized faculty and peer mentor program.