Communication Studies Minor

Learning Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Students will gain critical awareness of the social role of media.

Objective 1.1: Students will understand the history and context of the role that media has played in society.

Objective 1.2: Students will be able to articulate and critique the role media has historically played, and currently plays in society.

Goal 2: Students will understand the principles and practices of effective media communication.

Objective 2.1: Students will be able to identify and employ a range of effective communication strategies to navigate audience, purpose, and context.

Goal 3: Students will understand and apply human centered design approaches to communicating through digital media.

Objective 3.1: Students will analyze, articulate, and understand how multiple theoretical approaches of aesthetics and design inform the way audiences act, interact, and produce meaning.

Objective 3.2: Students will be able to create media objects which effectively applies these design principles for a desired rhetorical goal.

Goal 4: Student will understand the relation between media and social responsibility.

Objective 4.1: Students will understand and articulate the ethical questions and principles that inform the use of digital media.

Objective 4.2: Students will understand and articulate how digital media has been, and can be, employed to facilitate innovation, social change, and civic engagement.

Goal 5: Students will be able to use digital media in a way which demonstrates information literacy.

Objective 5.1: Students will employ digital media tools and approaches to establish the veracity and credibility of information.

Objective 5.2: Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively manage the ubiquitous flow of digital media information.

Objective 5.3: Students will be able to effectively use digital media to research, gather, and assess digital information and knowledge.

Six courses are required to complete the minor. To gain solid grounding in the field of communications, all students will satisfy three core requirements and then select three other courses from a range of options. Students must apply to enter this Minor. 

Core Courses
COM 200Communication Theory/ Practice3
COM 201Ethics in Communication3
Select one of the following:
Civic Media (if not taken in core)
Web Design & Development (if not taken in core)
Digital Storytelling (if not taken in core)
Communications Internship
Course Options
Select three (3) of the following courses:
ART 173Digital Photography I3
ART 273Digital Photography II3
ART 373Photo Essay/Docu Photo3
COM 382Digital Publishing3
COM 402Advanced Web Design3
COM 441Social Media & Communty Engmnt3
COM 442Non-Profit Communications3
COM 473Special Topics/ Com&Digi Media3
COM 491Communications Internship3
CSC 115Intro to Computer Science3
CSC 121Computer Science II4
ENG 206Public Speaking & Presentation3
ENG 261News Reporting3
ENG 263Writing for Organizations3
ENG 265Writing for Public Relations3
ENG 266Case Studies: PR & Advertising3
ENG 267Negotiations, Writing&Conflict3
ENG 268Persuasion/Influence in Media3
ENG 343Nonfiction Workshop3
ENG 344Screenwriting3
ENG 345Tutor Prac, Writ Cntr Thry Pr3
ENG 346Writing for Digital Platforms3
ENG 360Feature Writing3
ENG 361Mobile Journalism3
ENG 362Photojournalism3
ENG 363Sports Journalism3
ENG 364History of Journalism3
ENG 365Multimedia Reporting3
ENG 443Special Topics in Writing3
ENG 460Magazine Writing3
ENG 461Food Writing3
ENG 462Travel Writing3
ENG 463Literary Journalism3
ENG 468Global Journalism3
ENG 466Journalism & Entrepreneurship3
ENG 467Ethics in Journalism3
ENG 468Global Journalism3
ENG 469The Art of Editing3
ENG 492English Internship3
MKT 301Integrated Mktg Communications3
MKT 303MKT Communications (non-Bus)3
MKT 314Social Media Marketing3
MKT 315Mkt in a Multicultural World3
MKT 321Advertising3
MKT 323Media Management3
MKT 324Public Relations and Publicity3
MKT 325Fundamentals of Design3
MKT 326Media Now3
MKT 362Digital Media in Sports3
MTF 282Screenwriting I3
MTF 284Digital Filmmaking3
MTF 382Screenwriting II3
MTF 383Directing for Film/TV3
MTF 384Advanced Lghtg, Camera, Design3
MTF 386Edit & Digital Post-Production3
MTF 393Prof. Film Production Workshop3