Superintendent Letter of Eligibility Doctoral Certificate

Saint Joseph University’s Superintendent Letter of Eligibility has been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and is aligned with the National Educational Leadership Preparation (NELP) standards (see Appendix A). 

There are two options for obtaining the doctoral certificate: 

  1. Students pursuing the Interdisciplinary EdD for Educational Leaders will take the required three courses and fieldwork hours during pursuit of the EdD.  Students will need to declare the certificate in order to receive it upon completion of the EdD.
  2. Students complete the stand-alone three-course (9 credits) certificate, with or without the option to count toward future EdD degree completion.
EDL 845Historical, Political, & Legal Contexts of Leadership: K-123
EDL 850Learning Design&Env: K-123
EDL 860Strat Plan,Eval,Fiscal Resour3
360 hours of supervised fieldwork evenly dispersed across the three semesters of one calendar year (i.e., 120 hours in Spring, 120 hours in Summer, 120 hours in Fall).
Total Hours9