Music Industry Minor

Minor Overview

The objective of the Minor in Music Industry is to  meet a growing demand on the part of current and potential students for program of study in the music industry. The minor will allow students from both the College of Arts and Science and the Haub School of Business to gain and expand both theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for success in the music industry and it will be equally attractive to business students who need a gretaer understanding and appreciation of music to pursue careers in the music industry. 

Dr. Suzanne Sorkin Ph.D

Dr. David Allan Ph.D

Six (6) courses are required for completion of the Music Industry Minor


MTF 151Music Fundamentals *3
MTF 251Music Theory I3
Choose one (1) of the following:
MTF 142History of Rock and Pop3
MTF 157Westrn Music Hist: MidAge-17503
MTF 158Western Music: 1750 to Present3
MTF 159Contemporary Music3
MTF 257American Music3
MKT 341Music Marketing3
MKT 344Business of Recorded Music3
Choose one (1) course:
MKT 342Music and Entertainment Law3
MKT 490Internship in Marketing I3
or MTF 491 Internship
MKT 493Indep Study in Marketing I3
or MTF 493 Independent Research