Data Management Graduate Certificate

The Data Management certificate is a post-baccalaureate certificate that will enable you to develop an understanding of the data in your organization. The series of the course equips you with knowledge to define, agree and manage information concepts that impact business strategy. The stream emphasizes the data model as the foundation to achieve this understanding. In addition, the stream focuses on employing artificial intelligence for workflow management and applying AI solutions to business. Data model artifacts are used as part of the data governance toolkit to develop applications that adhere to a set of data standards.

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Objective 1: Students will demonstrate understanding of the value of decision and systems technologies and be able to create business models for forecasting and business analysis. This requires the understanding of organizational flows of information and control and the impacts that these flows have on operations.  

Objective 2: Students will be able to apply ethical decision making in the area of business intelligence and analytics and to understand the relationship between data, ethics, and the organizational framework. 

Statistics Proficiency

All students in the Data Management Certificate program must demonstrate proficiency in statistics prior to the start of DSS 610 through an online learning module (ALEKS).  Students with strong statistical background may test out.  Students must complete 100% of the module before the start of DSS 610. Further details can be obtained from the MSBIA Program Director or HSB Graduate Program Office.


DSS 610Business Analytics3
DSS 630Database Mgmt Theory & Pract3
DSS 640Managing Data Intelligence3
DSS 750Fundamentals of Cyber Security3
Total Hours12