Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy M.S.

The Master of Science (MS) program in Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy (DDIP) at the historic Philadelphia College of Pharmacy (PCP) at Saint Joseph’s University provides you with the experience necessary to learn the science and practice of how drug delivery systems are developed. Working one-on-one with expert faculty, the students will gain insight and foresight as they uncover new areas of research in our state-of-the-art laboratories in the pharmaceutics graduate program. Program classes are offered on a flexible schedule from our University City campus. An advanced degree such as MS in DDIP at PCP provides the knowledge and network for rewarding careers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy is in the heart of the biotechnology and health science industry, surrounded by 250 medical facilities and within two hours of 75% of all U.S. pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The city's diverse population and variety of health science employers offers the unique opportunity to gain experience in pharmaceutical research. This program provides the graduates with a strong foundation in pharmaceutics during the first half of the study. The second half of the program is focused on industrial pharmacy with a strong laboratory component and hands on experience in all areas. The program enables the graduates to have strong communication skills, professional training and will prepare them for a career in pharmaceutical industry in a variety of roles. 

Learning Outcomes

Outcome 1: Solid knowledge foundation and critical evaluation of scientific literature

Outcome 2: Effective and accurate oral communication of scientific research

Outcome 3: Critical data analysis with appropriate statistical methods

Outcome 4: Demonstrate and acquire good laboratory practices

Outcome 5: Acquires solid pharmaceutics principles and hands on to be work ready day 1

Outcome 6: Personal development/leadership/teamwork

PHS 890Pharmaceutics Seminar1
PHS 709Pharm-Biopharmaceutics II3
PHS 714
Advanced Pharma Analysis
and Advanced Pharma Analysis Lab
PHT 750Research Ethics and Conduct3
PHS 751Advanced Pharmaceutics3
or PHS 851 Advanced Pharmaceutics
PHS 760Reg Issues in Pharma2
or PHS 860 Reg Issues in Pharma
PHS 763Res Proj in Drug Dev & Ind Pha3
PHS 763Res Proj in Drug Dev & Ind Pha3
Choose 9 Credits below or other electives PHS, PHT or other 700,800:9
Intro Drug Discovery & Dev
Pharmaceutical Product Dev
Pre-formulation and Phys Pharm
Analysis of Current Literature
Intro Scientific Data Analysis
Total Hours30