Drug Discovery & Cell Gene Therapy MS

Students completing the Drug Discovery and Cell Gene Therapy MS will build an advanced mastery in understanding pharmacological and toxicities aspects of drugs/medications and be in the front lines of drug innovation (drug discovery) by building solid skills in cell gene therapy through the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy's curriculum and advanced labs.  

Goal 1: Students will demonstrate knowledge foundation and critical evaluation of scientific literature

Goal 2: Student will demonstrate effective and accurate oral communication skills relates to scientific research

Goal 3: Students will integrate pharmacology to toxicology concepts to gene and targeted therapies  (in class and in lab)

Goal 4: Students will learn through hands on laboratory advanced course techniques in cell gene and drug targeted therapy

Goal 5: Students will engage in personal development/leadership/teamwork

PHT 702Advanced Pharmacology3
PHT 703Advanced Toxicology3
PHT 705Pharmacology in Drug Discovery3
PHS 760Reg Issues in Pharma3
PHT 709Research Project Drug Discov3
PHS 714
Advanced Pharma Analysis
and Advanced Pharma Analysis Lab
PHT 750Research Ethics and Conduct3
PHT 752Intro Scientific Data Analysis1
PHT 801Research Lit in Pharm/Tox1
PHT 880Pharm Tox Seminar1
PHT 821Molecular Pharmacology3
One 700/800 level elective3
Total Hours30