Data Science Minor

The Data Science Minor prepares students with the theory and skills necessary to analyze and derive insights from large data sets.  The curriculum includes techniques from mathematics (particularly statistics) and computer science. It encompasses academic topics including machine learning, cluster analysis, data mining, and data visualization.

Goal 1: Students will be prepared for a variety of professions in Data Science and/or Master’s degree programs in Data Science and be able to adapt to complex technological and analytical environments in the workplace.

Objective 1.1:  Students will be proficient programming in Python and in R.

Objective 1.2:  Students will be able to analyze data sets using a variety of software and analytical approaches.

Objective 1.3:  Students will be able to communicate the results of technical data analysis in a manner that is understandable to non-specialists. 

The Minor in Data Science will require completion of a total of six (6) courses as outlined below:
Three (3) Core Courses:
MAT 223Intro Math of Data Science3
CSC 133Python Programming for All3
or CSC 115 Intro to Computer Science
MAT 325Essentials of Data Science3
Three (3) Elective Courses (select from the list below; at least one must be a CSC or MAT course):
CSC 134Databases for All3
or CSC 351 Database Management Systems
CSC 132Artificial Intellig for All3
or CSC 362 Artificial Intelligence
MAT 322Mathematical Statistics3
CSC 342Computer Vision3
CSC 358Big Data and Web Intlgce3
MAT 313Mathematical Optimization3
MAT 423Applied Statistical Methods3
MAT 424Regression and Time Series3
MAT 425Machine Learning/Data Science3
ECN 410Econometrics3
ECN 415Economic Forecasting3
ECN 487Research Methods3
Any internship course (in any department) that is pre-approved as having sufficient data science content.3