Art History Minor

In a world full with images, Art History offers a critical means of understanding visual culture in an increasingly globalized world. The Art History program at Saint Joseph’s covers major artistic developments in traditional and new media throughout history. Art History is an interdisciplinary field that encourages students to explore the many intersections between art and politics, religion, science, history and philosophy, among many other areas. Through close analysis of art and architecture Art History students develop strong critical evaluation skills and a wide-ranging cultural literacy.

Saint Joseph's University's proximity to Philadelphia and New York allows Art History students to see in person buildings as well as artworks at the many art museums and galleries in these cities. Art History students also study abroad, gaining exposure to some of the most renowned works of art and architecture around the globe. In their junior or senior year, Art History majors (optional for minors) take a research seminar focusing on a topic of their choice. Junior and senior Art History majors and minors also have the opportunity to complete an internship related to their career plans after graduation.

Students studying Art History go on to a wide range of careers, including museums, galleries, publishing, education, and fashion. As a strong liberal art undergraduate degree, Art History prepares students for many other career paths, as well. With Saint Joseph’s partnership with the Barnes Foundation, students take advantage of the galleries in Saint Joseph’s University’s new Frances M. Maguire Art Museum

Goal 1: To develop an understanding of the visual characteristics and historical contexts of works of art

Outcome 1.1: Art history students will be able to identify the visual characteristics of works of art

Outcome 1.2: Art history students will be able to identify the historical circumstances in which works of art were created (for example, function; patronage; motivation; movement, etc.)

Goal 2: To develop the necessary resources to research and write about art history

Outcome 2.1: Art history students will be able to identify and use appropriate tools to conduct research in art history

Outcome 2.2: Art history students will be able to write clearly and effectively about works of art

The minimum requirement for the minor is the completion of six courses (18 credits) in Art History - ARH. Students may also choose from the CLA, IST, ITA, and REL courses listed below, although at least 2 courses must be ARH courses.

Choose 6 Courses:18
1 ART course can be counted toward the Art History minor
Intro to Global Art History I
Intro to Global Art History II
Art of Africa/African Diaspora
Intro to Global Architecture
East Asian Art & Architecture
Latin American Art & Architect
Women, Gender, and Art
Traditions of Art
Art and Medicine
First Year Seminar
Art History &Photography:Italy
Encountering Mystery
Medvl Art Ctcombs to Cthdrals
Renaissance Art & Architecture
Baroque Art and Architecture
Revolution to Realism1780-1880
American Art and Architecture
Modern Art & Architecture
Contemporary Art & Architect
Museum Studies
Art & Magazines
History of Photography
Mystery&Monument:Anc Greece
Mystery&Monument:Anc Rome
Art History Research Seminar
Museum Internship
Mystery&Monument:Ancnt Greece
Mystery&Monument:Ancient Rome
Pompeii & Herculaneum
Etruscan Art and Archaeology
Cleopatra Thrgh Anc & Mod Eyes
Italy Through Art
Art Fashion: la moda italiana
The Roman Experience
The Roman Experience
Imges of Rome:Papl Rome - Pres
The Medici Court
Italy Through Art
The Art of Dante's Inferno
Religion & Art in East Asia
Total Hours18