Supervisor of Special Education MS

The Master of Science in Supervisor of Special Education requires 30 credits (10 courses).  Students are urged to maintain continued contact with the Special Education Graduate Program Advisor to assure certification program compliance. Students must be formally admitted into the Special Education Supervisory Program for certification and MS eligibility. This program requires graduate students to have a special education certification.  

Goal 1: The student will demonstrate an understanding of and the ability to promote the success of all PK-12 students by facilitating the shared school vision of learning supported by the stakeholders.

Outcome 1.1: The student will collaboratively develop a shared vision of learning for a school that promotes the success of all PK-12 students.

Outcome 1.2: The student will articulate the components of this vision for a school and the leadership processes necessary to implement and support the vision.

Goal 2: The students will demonstrate an understanding of how to articulate a plan for a school culture that is conducive to PK-12 student learning.

Outcome  2.1: The student will create and evaluate a comprehensive, rigorous, and coherent curricular and instructional school program.

Outcome 2.2: The student will develop a plan for the future supervision of the instructional and leadership capacity.

Goal 3: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the role of Special Education within the school and school district.

Outcome 3.1: The student will demonstrate knowledge of the needs of Special Education programs in relation to budgeting and curriculum and instruction.

Outcome 3.2: The student will demonstrate an understanding of standardized testing results for students with IEPs.

Certification Requirements

  • Pass ETS Test (5412) : Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision 
  • A valid Special Education teaching certificate
  • At least 5 years of full-time teaching experience as a certified special education teacher
Required Certification Courses
SPE 622Admin & Supv:Spec Ed Progs3
SPE 623Advanced Fieldwork/Seminar3
SPE 624Adv Super & Curr Fieldwk/Sem3
SPE 700SpecialEducation Law/Policy3
Core Courses
SPE 608Families Schls & Cmnty w/Field3
SPE 613Incl. Class Practices w/Field3
SPE 702Culturally Responsive Teaching3
Choose three of the following:9
Research:Lit,Writ,Lang w/Field
Mental Health Literacy w/Field
Design&Tech Differentiated Ins
Cog Proc: Resrch Brain Studies
Intro ASD: Caus Diag & Advoc
Ed Found - Deaf & Hard of Hear
Total Hours30