Educational Studies Minor

A minor in educational studies at Saint Joseph’s University is designed for undergraduates who are interested in building a base in education without earning Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) certification. You will take classes in child and adolescent psychology, cognition and learning, language and culture, assessment and evaluation and more.

Three Required Core Courses
EDU 150Schools in Society w/ Field3
EDU 246Language and Culture w/ Field3
EDU 471Writing in the Classroom3
Two Developmental Courses
SPE 160Intro to Special Education3
Select one of the following:
EDU 121Child Development3
EDU 151Cognition & Learning w/ Field3
EDU 157Adolescent Development w/Field3
Two Additional Courses
Select two of the following:
EDU 155Found of Early Child w/ Field3
EDU 231Assessment and Evaluation3
EDU 232Literacy/Literature I w/ Field3
EDU 247Literacy in Cont Areas w/Field3
EDU 470Special Topics in Education1-3
EDU 230Eval: Secondary Grades 7-123
SPE 205Inclusive Classrooms w/ Field3

Substitutions may be made only with the advance approval of the Chair of the Teacher Education Department.  Except for EDU 471, undergraduates are not permitted to enroll in upper level courses (300- and 400 level) without having satisfied the basic skills requirement.