Social Work MSW

The Master of Social Work (MSW) Program is dedicated to equipping students for diversity-responsive practice, innovative leadership, and research dissemination that fosters social and economic well-being, and creates impact in expanding access to opportunities for individuals, families, and communities in the global environment. Grounded in interdisciplinary knowledge and the values of service, competence, dignity and worth of persons, human rights and social justice, the program facilitates engaged learning experiences resulting in advanced generalist skills to promote a more equitable society.

Goal 1: To create an inclusive learning environment that represents diversity-responsive excellence in the training of social work professionals.

Goal 2: To prepare advanced generalist social workers who engage in lifelong learning with a commitment to the growth of their own professional knowledge base and ongoing professional development.

Goal 3: To collaborate with community service organizations and professionals, interdisciplinary programs, and equity advocates to promote practices, programs, and policies that enhance the well-being, dignity, and human rights of individuals.

Goal 4: To practice according to professional ethics and competency standards across all forms of practice and geographic areas within an anti-racist framework that acknowledges and advances human rights.

The following curricula are based on 2022 CSWE accreditation standards for Social Work programs. 

The curriculum is divided into 3 sections for full/part-time programs: generalist courses (30 credits), advanced generalist specialization courses (26 credits), and electives (6 credits).  The field education is 900 total hours. 

Generalist Year Courses:
SWK 510Human Development & Diversity3
SWK 540Ethics & Generalist Practice3
SWK 541Individuals Families & Groups3
SWK 550Clinical Assessment I3
SWK 560Human Rights & Social Justice3
SWK 561Organizations & Community I3
SWK 565Data Equity3
SWK 580Practicum Seminar I3
SWK 581Practicum Seminar II3
SWK 591Social Policy & Change3
Advanced Generalist Year Courses:
SWK 620Small Groups II3
SWK 641Leadership & Supervision3
SWK 642Clinical Assessment II3
SWK 660Individuals & Families II3
SWK 661Organizations & Community II3
SWK 695Program & Practice Evaluation3
SWK 680Practicum Seminar III4
SWK 681Practicum Seminar IV4
Elective Courses (Full/Part-Time)6
Total Hours62