Economics Minor

Goal 1: Students will understand how all issues in economics involve making choices in the context of scarcity.       

Outcome 1.1: Students will be able to explain key concepts related to tradeoffs including opportunity cost and/or marginal decision-making of consumers and/or firms.

Goal 2: Students will understand how economic agents interact.

Outcome 2.1: Students will be able to explain the supply and/or demand model and/or how it is applied to input and/or output markets.

Goal 3:  Students will understand important economic variables, how they are measured, and their relevance.

Outcome 3.1: Students will be able to define and explain key macroeconomic variables and/or how they affect the economy.


Goal 4: Students will understand how public policy impacts the economy.

Outcome 4.1: Students will be able to explain how policy affects the economy from micro and/or macroeconomic perspectives.

ECN 101Introductory Economics Micro3
ECN 102Introductory Economics Macro3
Any four economics courses numbered 300 level or higher *12
Total Hours18

MAT 311, MAT 322, DSC 424DSC 425, DSS 420, DSS 435DSS 470, FIN 201, or FIN 302  can be used in place of one of the four additional 300 level or higher ECN courses. Two of the above courses can be used if one of the economics courses is ECN 491 Economics Internship.