Public Policy Minor

Goal 1:  Learn Fundamental Knowledge:  Students will gain foundational knowledge in the primary sub-fields of Public Policy and understand the content, core concepts, and theories within the discipline.

Outcome 1:  Students will identify, define, and explain the content, core concepts, and theories that guide the creation of public policy from an integrated, interdisciplinary perspective.

Goal 2: Think and Make Arguments: Students will think critically and develop arguments based on evidence.

Outcome 2 Students will articulate verbally and/or in writing an argument which defines, explains, and/or analyzes the content, process, and outcomes of public policy.

Goal 3: Think and Apply their Skills to Analysis: Students will evaluate arguments based on empirical evidence and assertions rooted in the discipline.

Outcome 3 Students will apply a variety of tools, methods, and perspectives to critically analyze and evaluate issues relevant to the discipline of Public Policy.

Goal 4: Apply their Skills to the “Real World”: Students will be prepared for entry into professional careers and other avenues related to Public Policy as a discipline.

Outcome 4 Students will demonstrate career preparation through experiential learning opportunities that are closely related to Public Policy or a related field through the development of interpersonal, analytical, and/or problem-solving skills.

Core Courses:
POL 111Intro to American Politics3
ECN 101Introductory Economics Micro3
SOC 102Social Problems3
POL 313Public Policy3
Data/Methods Course:
ECN 410Econometrics3
or SOC 313 Data Analysis
Elective Course:3
Economics of Labor
Government Finance
Economic Development
The Economics of Healthcare
Research Methods
Political Science: 1
Advising and Advocacy
State and Local Government
American Foreign Policy
Washington Internship I
and Washington Internship II
International Internship I
and International Internship II
Global Smarts Internship
Philadelphia-Area Internship
Health and Society
Law and Social Policy
Poverty, Ethics & Soc.Policy
Urban and Public Policy
Race, Crime & CJ
Race and Social Justice
Total Hours18