Marketing Major

The General Marketing Degree endows students with a solid foundation in the basic principles of Marketing which can be applied to various industries, product and service categories, and non-profits. 

With courses in Consumer Behavior and Market Research, students gain insight into understanding and satisfying customer wants and needs.  Marketing Communications courses teach students how to successfully engage the target audience using traditional and digital media.  Upper level Marketing courses challenge majors to address real-world scenarios.  Along the way, students get ample practice designing actual marketing plans, promotional campaigns and research projects that make them desirable candidates for internships and full-time employment.

Learning Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Functional Marketing Skills:

Objective 1.1: Students will be able to develop and evaluate marketing plans intended to satisfy objectives for –profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Objective 1.2: Students will be able to collect and analyze data to develop customer insights.

Goal 2: Communication Skills

Objective 2.1: Students will demonstrate clear and persuasive oral and written communication skills.

Goal 3: Critical Thinking Skills

Objective 3.1: Students will engage in critical analyses and discussions of real marketing problems.

Goal 4: Ignatian Values

Objective 4.1: Students will understand the role of Ignatian values in marketing.

The traditional undergraduate programs include 40 courses distributed across three components: A General Education component divided into Signature Courses, Variable Courses, and an Integrative Learning requirement; a Major and Divisional component; and Free Electives. In addition to course requirements as specified in each area, students must complete one certified course in each of the following overlay areas:

  1. Diversity, Globalization or Non-western Area Studies,
  2. Ethics Intensive, and
  3. Writing Intensive. Overlay requirements are part of the forty-course requirement.

General Education Signature Courses

See this page about Signature courses. Six courses

General Education Variable Courses

See this page about Variable courses. Six to Nine courses

General Education Overlays

See this page about Overlays.

General Education Integrative Learning Component

See this page about Integrative Learning Component. Three courses

ECN 101Introductory Economics Micro3
ECN 102Introductory Economics Macro3
Select any other courses from the social sciences of Economics, Psychology and Sociology

Free Electives

Six courses

Business Foundation

ACC 101Concepts: Financial Accounting3
ACC 102Managerial Accounting3
DSS 200Intro to Information Systems3
DSS 210Business Statistics3
DSS 220Business Analytics3
FIN 200Intro to Finance3
MGT 110Essent'ls of Organzational Beh3
or MGT 120 Essentials of Management
MGT 360Legal Environment of Business3
MKT 201Principles of Marketing3
BUS 495Business Policy4

Core Marketing Courses

Required of all Marketing majors to be taken in the following sequence:
MKT 302Consumer & Buyer Behavior3
MKT 202Marketing Research3
MKT 301Integrated Mktg Communications3
MKT 401Marketing Strategy3
Students are strongly advised to take DSS 210 and DSS 220 prior to taking MKT 202.
Select two MKT electives from 300-400 level courses 16