Faith-Justice Studies Minor

The Faith-Justice Studies minor is one of the distinguishing mission-driven academic programs at Saint Joseph’s University. It empowers students to work across multiple disciplines by integrating learning from six courses to engage in analysis of social structures and systems of thought in light of Gospel values and other faith traditions. As part of the course of study, students explore the call that emerges from this analysis to stand in solidarity with the marginalized peoples of our world.

Students interested in pursuing the minor in Faith-Justice Studies are advised to contact the Faith-Justice Institute for further information.


Through course work in the Faith-Justice Studies minor, students will:

  • consider existing social values, norms, and/or priorities in light of Gospel values and/or other faith-based traditions of social justice.
  • analyze institutions and social structures, and question prevailing systems of thought or action, that systematically contribute to problems such as poverty, racism, human rights violations, and violence.
  • engage with the sufferings of the poor and marginalized and explore the call, not only to serve, but also to stand in solidarity.

Students seeking the minor are required to successfully complete six courses from the program’s listings with no more than three courses from any single discipline. At least one of the six courses must be a Theology course that directly addresses Catholic Social Thought, chosen from among the following:

THE 155Catholic Social Tradition3
THE 261Christian Social Ethics3
THE 361Catholic Social Teaching3
THE 366Christian Medical Ethics3
THE 372Technology Ethics3
THE 373Economic Ethics3

Students may use three credits of a senior capstone project to satisfy one of the course requirements provided they submit a proposal signed by a faculty mentor or departmental chair from their major within the first six weeks of the semester during which the three credits will be earned.

During the senior year, students will be asked to create and submit a brief portfolio of their work to illustrate their engagement with the program's learning objectives.

The courses listed below are a partial listing of courses which may apply towards the Faith-Justice Studies minor. Some multi-section courses may have specific sections that satisfy the Faith-Justice Studies minor requirements. Students are therefore advised to refer to course schedules and to meet with the Director of the Faith-Justice Studies program during the registration period to confirm the full array of Faith-Justice Studies courses offered in any given semester.

If a student wishes to seek Faith-Justice credit for a course that has not yet been approved as a Faith-Justice Studies course, the student may petition to have the course approved.  Students may use this option only once, according to the following guidelines:

  1. The student will obtain written permission from the instructor of the course and the Director of the Faith-Justice Studies program within the first six weeks of the course,
  2. The student will submit a written plan indicating how the course will satisfy Faith-Justice Studies course criteria,
  3. The student will submit a brief report at the end of the semester outlining how Faith-Justice Studies objectives have been met, along with supporting written materials (examinations, journals, projects, etc.).
ABA 100Intro Autism Spectrum Disorder3
COM 475Crime, Justice, & Media3
DSS 416Data Wrangling: Ethics Int.3
ECN 484Race and the Economy3
ECN 485Economics of Food3
ENG 377Inside-Out3
ENG 434Climate Change Stories3
ENG 444Race, Class, and Gender3
ENG 450Hospital Stories3
HIS 204Latin American-U.S. Migration3
HSC 331Health Sciences Research3
HSC 345DyingWell:The Hospice Movement3
HSC 368Just Hlth Care Dev Nations3
IBU 210Intro Internat. Business3
INT 354Psychology and Religion3
MGT 212Organizational Sustainability3
MGT 221Diversity in the Workplace3
PHL 252Philosophy of Karl Marx3
PHL 320Business, Society and Ethics3
PHL 354Philosophy of Religion3
PHL 377Inside-Out3
POL 324Race & Ethnic Politics in U.S.3
POL 306Political Participation in US3
POL 309Advising and Advocacy3
POL 313Public Policy3
POL 323Women and American Politics3
POL 325Intersectionality3
POL 326Protesting Inequality3
POL 328U.S. Immigration3
POL 331Latin American Politics3
POL 354Superpower ColdWar Foreign Pol3
POL 368Women, Gender & World Politics3
POL 409Global Migration3
PSY 212Multicultural Psychology3
REL 338Jew&Chr Responses to Holocaust3
SOC 102Social Problems3
SOC 202Advanced Social Problems3
SOC 301Community Organizing for Just.3
SOC 365Crime & Urban Communities3
SOC 377Inside-Out3
SPA 360Spanish in the Community3
THE 155Catholic Social Tradition3
THE 261Christian Social Ethics3
THE 335Gendr & Christian Spirituality3
THE 349Theology of Disability3
THE 356Liberation & Pol Theologies3
THE 357Feminist Theologies3
THE 361Catholic Social Teaching3
THE 362Fth & Jus: Scrpt & Soc Values3
THE 366Christian Medical Ethics3
THE 368Just Hlth Care in Dev Nations3
THE 371Christianity and Media3
THE 372Technology Ethics3
THE 373Economic Ethics3
THE 374War and Peace3