Faith-Justice Studies Minor

Students deciding to pursue a minor in Faith-Justice Studies are strongly advised to contact the Faith-Justice Institute during their sophomore year.

Students seeking the minor are required to successfully complete 6 courses from the program’s listings with no more than three from one’s major area and at least one Theology course which directly addresses Catholic Social Thought. The following courses address Catholic Social Thought: THE 261THE 361THE 366THE 372, and THE 373 . By the end of their senior year, students need to submit a brief portfolio of their work to the Director of the Faith Justice Studies program.

Students are permitted to convert one upper division course into a Faith-Justice studies course provided that they observe the following guidelines:

  1. student will obtain written permission from the instructor of the course and the Director of the Faith-Justice Studies program within the first six weeks of the course,
  2. student will submit a written plan indicating how the course will satisfy Faith-Justice Studies course criteria,
  3. student will submit a brief 3-4 page report at the end of the semester outlining how Faith-Justice Studies objectives have been met, along with supporting written materials (examinations, journals, projects, etc.).

Students may also use 3 credits of a senior independent project (for example an honors thesis project) to satisfy one of the course requirements provided they submit a proposal signed by a faculty mentor or departmental chair from their major within the first six weeks of the semester during which the three credits will be earned.

The courses listed below are a partial listing of courses which may apply towards the Faith-Justice Studies minor. Students are advised to refer to course schedules and to meet with the Director of the Faith-Studies program during the registration period to determine which sections of each course apply; not all sections of every course necessarily satisfy requirements for the Faith-Justice studies minor.

ART 180Encountering Mystery3
DSS 420Introduction to Data Mining3
ECN 150First-year Seminar3
EDU 362Social Studies Thru Arts PK-43
ENG 444Writing throughRaceClassGender3
ENG 450Hospital Stories3
HIS 204Latin American-U.S. Migration3
IBU 210Intro International Busines3
IHS 331Statistics & Research Methods3
LEO 150Serious Comedy & Soc. Justice3
LEO 212Organizational Sustainability3
MGT 120Essentials of Management3
MHC 221Diversity in the Workplace3
PHL 316Food and Justice3
PHL 320Business, Society, and Ethics3
PHL 330Social and Political Phil3
THE 373Economic Ethics3
POL 150First-Year Seminar3
PSY 212Multicultural Psychology3
SOC 102Social Problems3
SOC 377Inside-Out Expl Crime&Justice3
SPA 360Spanish in the Community4
THE 150First Year Seminar3
THE 366Christian Medical Ethics3
THE 368Just Hlth Care in Dev Nations3
THE 372Technology Ethics3