Commercial Photography Minor

The Commercial Photography minor aims to increase students’ competitiveness for employment, to establish new partnerships and enhance current ones with local marketing and media firms for internships, and to foster both interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary programming at Saint Joseph’s. This minor would complement our Graphic Design minor and provide students with more actionable job-related skills, opening additional opportunities in Advertising, Marketing, Design and Publication.

Goal 2: Solve communication problems and carry projects from creation to completion, using skills such as research and analysis and idea generation using relevant industry standard graphics software. 

Goal 3: Create and develop visual concepts in response to industry standard client briefs.

Goal 4: Apply principles of visual communication as they relate to reaching audiences, the role of commercial photography in society, and the ability to work cooperatively. 

Goal 5: Create a professional portfolio that demonstrates problem-solving expertise (including advanced lighting techniques, creative concepts, and innovative solutions necessary for an entry-level position at a digital marketing, publishing or advertising firm)

Foundation Courses:
ART 172Darkroom Photography I3
ART 173Digital Photography I3
ART 273Commercial Photography3
ART 374Adv. Comm. Studio Photography3
Image Manipulation: Photoshop
Experimental Digital Photo
DirectedProjects - Photography
Senior Project I (Capstone)
Senior Project II (Capstone)
Digital Field Methods
Special Topics/ Com&Digi Media
Food Marketing Communication
International Food Marketing
MKT Communications
Entertainment Marketing
Sports Marketing
Total Hours18