Asian Studies Minor

Learning Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Students will achieve Intermediate Low Oral Proficiency in an Asian language (by ACTFL standards).

Learning Outcome 1.1: Students will be able to communicate effectively in an Asian language

Goal 2: Students will explore Asia's importance in the world through interdisciplinary investigation of the histories, political systems, economies, cultures, and societies of Asia.

Learning Outcome 2.1: Students will be able to apply a variety of tools, methods, and perspectives to investigate and interpret important aspects of the history, politics, geography, economics and culture of contemporary Asian societies.

Goal 3: Students will conduct research about Asia, evaluate data generated by multiple methodologies, and present their findings effectively.

Learning Outcome 3.1: Students will be able to produce cogent, well-organized, and thoroughly researched written and oral presentations on important aspects of East or South Asian language, history, politics, culture and society that display familiarity with the scholarly conventions of the respective disciplines.

Students completing the Minor in Asian Studies fulfill a six-course requirement. To ensure the interdisciplinary nature of the program, courses must be taken from at least three departments, and no more than three courses from any one department may count for credit toward the minor. Although language competency is not required for the minor, language study is encouraged.

List of Approved Courses

ART 105Arts of East Asia3
CHN 101Beginning Chinese I4
or CHN 102 Beginning Chinese II
CHN 201Intermediate Chinese I3
or CHN 202 Intermediate Chinese II
CHN 301Chinese Conv and Comp I3
or CHN 302 Chinese Conv and Comp II
CHN 310Selections in Chinese Lit3
CHN 470Selected Topics - Chinese3
ECN 475Asian Economies3
ECN 477Chinese Economics3
JPN 101Beginning Japanese I4
or JPN 102 Beginning Japanese II
JPN 201Intermediate Japanese I3
or JPN 202 Intermediate Japanese II
JPN 301Japanese Conversation3
or JPN 302 Japanese Conversat & Compos II
JPN 310Selections in Japanese Lit I3
or JPN 311 Selections in Japanese Lit II
HIS 208Historical Intro to Asian Civ3
HIS 350Exchng & Conq in Mod E. Asia3
HIS 351Gndr, Ideolgy & Rev in E. Asia3
HIS 352Late Imperial China3
HIS 353Modern China3
HIS 354Japan Since 18003
HIS 355Clnlism & Ntnlism SE Asia3
HIS 356Modern South Asia3
HIS 357History of Islam in Asia3
HIS 358Contemporary China3
HIS 359India & Pak: Colony to Nation3
HIS 476Seminar in Asian History3
HIS 478Seminar in Global/Comp His3
HIS 481Directed Rdgs in European Hist3
POL 332Politics of Japan3
POL 333Asian Democ at the Crossroads3
POL 350Memory & Recon. in Global Soci3
POL 364Interntnl Relatns of East Asia3
REL 241Islam 13
REL 251Religions of Ancient India3
REL 261Hinduism3
REL 351Indian Buddhism3
REL 352East Asian Buddhism3
REL 355Superhumans in Chinese Relig3
REL 356Death & Afterlife Chinese Rel3
REL 357Food Practices & Chinese Relig3
REL 370Spec Topics in Relig Studies3