Environmental Science (ENV)

ENV 102 Environ Theory & Ethics Sem (3 credits)

An introduction to the political, economic, social, scientific, and philosophical concerns involved in environmental issues. Students will read, discuss, and write about current and controversial topics or problems integrating the aforementioned disciplines of study. A major goal of this course is to expose the students to the interdisciplinary nature of environmental science and the challenges of solving environmentally related problems. This course satisfies the Ethics Intensive Overlay.

Prerequisites: (ENV 105 or ENV 106) and PHL 154

Attributes: Ethics Intensive (New GEP), Undergraduate

ENV 103 Intro to Planet Earth (3 credits)

ENV 105 The Environment (3 credits)

An examination of the fundamental themes of ecology with an emphasis on the impact of humans on their environment. Included are discussions of current interest topics such as oil spills, nuclear waste, and rain forest destruction. This course fulfills a lecture-only natural science course requirement for the GEP natural science area.

Restrictions: Students cannot enroll who have a major in Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Biology or Physics.

Attributes: GEP Natural Science, Undergraduate

ENV 106 Exploring the Earth (4 credits)

A lab-based course that provides an overview of the functioning of the Earth. Ecology, basic biology, environmental science, and current events are used to examine the earth. Topics include natural resources, population, pollution, ecosystems, biogeochemical cycles, and biodiversity. This course satisfies the Natural Science requirement of the GEP.

Attributes: GEP Natural Science, Science Course w/Lab (Sci Maj), Undergraduate

ENV 106L Exploring the Earth Laboratory (0 credits)

ENV 150 Global Change Biology (3 credits)

ENV 216 Environment and Public Health (3 credits)

ENV 270 Special Topics (3 credits)

ENV 301 Environmental Chemistry (3 credits)

ENV 302 Environmental Geology (3 credits)

ENV 390 Environmental Science Seminar (0 credits)

This series of speakers will introduce majors and minors to current environmental science research, career options and experts in relevant disciplines inside and outside of the natural sciences.

Attributes: Undergraduate

ENV 490 Environmental Sci Internship (3 credits)

The Environmental Science Internship entails spending a minimum of ten (10) hours each week in a supervised fieldwork experience or approved environmental field course. Grading is based on student reports during weekly meetings with internship instructor, preparation of an internship journal, academic papers, exams, and formal evaluation by internship supervisor. Junior and senior Environmental Science majors and Environmental Science and Studies minors only

Restrictions: Enrollment is limited to students with a major, minor, or concentration in Environmental Science.

Attributes: Undergraduate

ENV 493 Undergraduate Research in Env (3 credits)