Interdisciplinary EdD for Educational Leaders

Our Doctor of Educational Leadership (EdD) and Certification Program prepares transformational leaders across K-12, higher education, social sector, and healthcare fields who are committed to equity-oriented change. The EdD in Educational Leadership program is a 54-credit program that follows a hybrid, cohort model with one night a week of on-campus courses and the remaining instructional hours taking pace in asynchronous online learning. Within the cohort model (new cohorts begin each Fall), students complete three years of coursework, followed by a year of dissertation advisement.

The curriculum for the EdD in Educational Leadership includes two key strands: (a) content courses that cover theories, subject-matter knowledge, and professional skills needed to lead in educational settings, and (b) research courses that cover concepts and skills for designing, conducting, analyzing and presenting a scholarly study and dissertation.  The EdD in Educational Leadership Program offers four concentrations and four certification options:


  • K-12 Education 
  • Higher Education and Social Sectors (e.g., leadership in organizations, government, non-profits, healthcare, and criminal justice)

Goal 1Our graduates will develop strong qualitative and quantitative research skills in order to be critical consumers and producers of knowledge.

Outcome 1.1: Students will acquire qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research skills as a tool for collecting and using data for leading change and making decisions in their fields

Outcome 1.2: Students will develop the capacity to design and implement their dissertation research according to the scholarly and technical requirements of the field.

Goal 2Our graduates will develop a strong foundation in their field’s theoretical and empirical literature, as well as the capacity to apply theory to practice-based problems.

Outcome 2.1: Students will develop a strong foundation in their field’s theoretical and empirical literature.

Outcome 2.2: Students will demonstrate the ability to apply a theoretical framework or empirical study to a problem of practice, as well as the capacity to reflect on the efficacy of their decision-making.

Goal 3Our graduates will develop a strong foundation in leadership focused on inclusive cultures, social justice, and equity-minded change.

Outcome 3.1: Students will develop the capacity to participate in and lead inclusive cultures in their field. 

Outcome 3.2: Students will develop critical analysis skills and practices around the role of social justice in equity-minded change.

Goal 4Our graduates will develop mastery of specific skills that they can apply to their professional fields.

Outcome 4.1: Students will develop an understanding of the impact of historical, political, and contextual perspectives on their professional practices.

Outcome 4.2: Students will develop the capacity to apply effective leadership practices in their field, including mission, strategic planning, finance/operations, learning design, and communications.

EDL 800Prof Sem: Doctoral Studies3
EDL 805Quantitative Research I3
EDL 820Interdisciplinary Ldsh Theory3
EDL 830Critical Ldsh: Social Justice3
EDL 835Qualitative Research I3
EDL 840Mixed Methods Research3
EDL 860Strat Plan,Eval,Fiscal Resour3
EDL 875Organizational Theory&Change3
EDL 880Community Engaged Leadership3
EDL 885Global Perspectives on Ldsh3
EDL 893Dissertation Study I3
EDL 894Dissertation Study II3
EDL 890Adv Resrch Method: Quant/Mixed3
or EDL 891 Adv Resrch Method: Qualitative
EDL 895Dissertation Study III3
EDL 896Dissertation Study IV3
EDL 899Dissertation Study V+0
Concentration Options9
Basic K-12 Education
Learning Design&Env: K-12
Proposal Writing: K-12
Historical, Political, & Legal Contexts of Leadership: K-12
Higher Education
Learning Design&Env: HE
Proposal Writing: Higher Educa
Hist/Pol/LegalContxt Ldsh: HE
Total Hours54
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
EDL 800 Prof Sem: Doctoral Studies 3
EDL 830 Critical Ldsh: Social Justice 3
EDL 805 Quantitative Research I 3
EDL 820 Interdisciplinary Ldsh Theory 3
EDL 845 Historical, Political, & Legal Contexts of Leadership: K-12 3
EDL 875
Organizational Theory&Change
or Hist/Pol/LegalContxt Ldsh: HE
Second Year
EDL 835 Qualitative Research I 3
EDL 850
Learning Design&Env: K-12
or Learning Design&Env: HE
EDL 840 Mixed Methods Research 3
EDL 860 Strat Plan,Eval,Fiscal Resour 3
EDL 880 Community Engaged Leadership 3
EDL 885 Global Perspectives on Ldsh 3
Third Year
EDL 870
Proposal Writing: K-12
or Proposal Writing: Higher Educa
EDL 893 Dissertation Study I 3
EDL 890
Adv Resrch Method: Quant/Mixed
or Adv Resrch Method: Qualitative
EDL 894 Dissertation Study II 3
Fourth Year
EDL 895 Dissertation Study III 3
EDL 896 Dissertation Study IV 3
Fifth Year
EDL 899 Dissertation Study V+ (Only Required if Dissertation is Incomplete ) 0
 Total Hours54