Reading Interventionist Graduate Certificate

The 13-credit reading interventionist certificate program at Saint Joseph’s University will help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to teach students to become fluent, independent readers. The certificate, which is International Dyslexia Association (IDA) accredited, can be completed online and can stack into a Special Education M.S. and Education M.S. for all grade levels.

Outcome 1: Demonstrate a conceptual understanding of the components of reading and describe how these areas pose challenges for students with disabilities*: 

Phonological awareness & phonics





Word study (investigate and understand the patterns in words)

Outcome 2:Describe the Simple View of Reading & Reading Rope models and how they are used to understand reading development, instructional needs, and reading concerns

Outcome 3: Describe key characteristics of good and poor readers including students with reading disabilities.

Outcome 4: Understand the reciprocal relationships among phonemic awareness, decoding, word recognition, spelling, and vocabulary knowledge.

Outcome 5: Know/apply in practice considerations for systematically, cumulatively, and explicitly teaching basic decoding and spelling skills.

Outcome 6: Implement an integrated system of assessment and data collection for identification of students struggling to meet academic and behavioral expectations.

Outcome 7: Know and utilize in practice well-validated screening tests designed to identify students at risk for reading difficulties.

Outcome 8: Demonstrate an ability to match instructional research-validated literacy interventions to identified student needs. 

Outcome 9: Align general education curriculum, compensatory and special education in providing high quality standards-based instruction/intervention that is matched to students’ academic needs

SPE 604RsrchBsedModel:Lit,WritOrlLang3
SPE 710WRP: Intro Multisens Lang Inst1
SPE 711WRP: Int Instr- NonRepsRdr 1-33
SPE 712WRP: Int Instr- NonRepsRdr 4-63
SPE 713WRP: Int Instr- NonRepsRdrPrac3
Total Hours13