Graphic Design Minor


Visual communication is vital in the world today. The Graphic Design minor is a cross-disciplinary minor including the Art, Communications and Media Studies, and Marketing departments. Graphic design students develop skills in visual organization, information hierarchy, branding, and typography. They develop an understanding of principles of color and composition and analysis and idea generation using industry standard graphics software. Students also learn about problem solving and the role of design in society. The graphic design program at Saint Joseph’s also assists students secure internships that help secure employment after graduation.

Goal 1: To develop a visual awareness through analysis and creative work
Outcome 1.1: Students will be able to distinguish the design components.
Outcome 1.2: Students will be able to discuss the context of their design work.

Goal 2: To manifest their visual awareness in their own work
Outcome 2.1: Students will be able to produce a design portfolio.
Outcome 2.2: Discuss how their design work fits into a contemporary and historical

Students must take the 4 foundation courses plus any 2 elective courses.

Foundation Courses:
ART 190Fundamentals of Graphic Design3
or COM 202 Visual Design
COM 372Web Design & Development3
ART 290Typography: Design Letterform3
ART 390Commercial Design3
Elective Courses:
ART 173Digital Photography I3
ART 392Design for Mobile Web &Tablet3
ART 490Design Studio: Work w/ Clients3
COM 441Social Media & Communty Engmnt3
COM 442Non-Profit Communications3
COM 473Special Topics/ Com&Digi Media3
MKT 303MKT Communications3