Political Science Minor

Learning Goals and Outcomes

Goal 1: Learn Fundamental Knowledge:  Students will gain foundational knowledge in the major sub-fields of political science and understand the content, core concepts, and theories within each sub-field.

Outcome 1.1: Students will identify, define, or analyze the content, core concepts, and theories within the sub-fields.

Goal 2: Think and Make Arguments: Students will think critically and develop arguments based on evidence.

Outcome 2.1 Students will articulate verbally or in writing an argument which defines, analyzes, or synthesizes relevant theories and concepts.

Outcome 2.2 Students will apply relevant theoretical concepts to assess real world issues.

Goal 3: Think and Apply their Skills to Analysis: Students will evaluate arguments based on empirical evidence and assertions rooted in the discipline.

Outcome 3.1 Students will apply a variety of tools, methods, and perspectives to investigate and interpret issues relevant to the discipline.

Goal 4: Apply their Skills to the “Real World”: Students will be prepared for entry into professional careers, graduate schools, and other avenues related to Political Science as a discipline.

Outcome 4.1 Students will demonstrate career preparation through experiential learning opportunities that are closely related to Political Science or a related field through the development of interpersonal, analytical, and problem-solving skills.

Minors in Political Science will compete 6 courses that satisfy the following requirements:

POL 111Intro to American Politics3
or POL 117 Intro to Political Thought
Two (2) upper division POL courses (POL 270 through 300 level)6
Any other three (3) POL courses 19
Total Hours18
  • Only one POL 270 counts towards the minor, unless otherwise approved in advance by the Chair.
  • Only one “Experiential Learning” course counts towards the minor (POL 191, POL 192, POL 193, POL 411, POL 412, POL 413, POL 414, POL 490, POL 491 or HIS 491)
  • Only one Study Abroad or other course that is not taken in residence counts towards the minor
  • International Relations majors must take either POL 111 or POL 117 and 2 POL classes that do not count for the IR major in addition to three other POL classes.