Pharmacology Minor

The minor in Pharmacology will provide students with a foundation in the interdisciplinary pharmacology field. Students will learn the core concepts of pharmacology, including fundamental methods of pharmacological studies, mechanisms of action drugs to treat varieties of diseases, and toxicity and safety assessment in drug development. Pharmacology benefits students who will pursue degrees in health professions including medicine and who are interested in drug discovery.

Pick 11 credits from the following:11
Survey of Biochemistry
Molecular Structure Biochemist
Fundamentals of Pharmacology
Introduction to Toxicology
Advanced Medicinal Chem/Pharm
Pick 7 credits from the following:7
Molecular Biology
and Molecular Biology Lab
Molecular Biology and Genetics
Analytical Chemistry
and Analytical Chemistry Laborator
Biomethods in Pharmac & Tox
Techniques in Pharmacol & Tox
Intro Neuropsychopharmacology
Toxicology of Drug Abuse
Applied Toxicology
Advanced Medicinal Chem/Pharm
Analysis of Publications
Special Topics Pharmacology
Pharma & Biopharmaceutics I
and Pharmaceutics Laboratory
Pharm-Biopharmaceutics II
Total Hours18