Gender Studies

Department Overview

Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field drawing from scholarship in the humanities, social sciences natural sciences, and business. The Gender Studies program provides students with an intellectually challenging and engaging way of examining the world through the lens of "gender." Gender Studies courses explore how social structural categories such as gender, race, class, and sexuality influence human behavior and social interactions, structure access to opportunities and impact the lived experiences of women and men. Gender Studies courses apply current feminist/ gender theories to issues in literature, art, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, religious studies, science, sociology, and business.

Gender as a social construction acts as the organizing principle for all Gender Studies courses. In addition, implicit in all Gender Studies courses is a basic tenet of feminist scholarship—that all academic work should connect to social justice work outside of the academy. The Gender Studies program encourages its minors to pursue this connection through internships, independent studies, and service-learning experiences that connect academic inquiry to social justice advocacy and action in community agencies and organizations.


  • R. Kennedy Bergen

Committee on Gender Studies

  • Baglione
  • Berenato
  • Burkhalter
  • Burr
  • Edwards-Alexander
  • Green
  • Joyce
  • Logue
  • Mollnelli
  • Parker
  • Patton
  • Riley
  • Scola
  • Smith
  • Smolen
  • Weitzel

Undergraduate Minor

GEN 200 Feminist Theories (3 credits)

This course provides a survey of feminist frameworks for thinking about sex, gender and oppression. The course begins with a consideration of whether the distinction between gender and sex is tenable, what it means to say that a category is socially constructed and how socially constructed categories can be oppressive. Given women’s diversity, the latter part of the course considers critiques of attempts to provide a single systematic feminist framework. This will lead us to rethink the project of feminist theory and consider its possible new directions.

Attributes: Diversity Course (New GEP), Gender Studies Course, Undergraduate

GEN 201 Seminar In Feminist Studies (3 credits)

GEN 470 Independent Study (3 credits)

An independent study course, typically undertaken in the Senior year, in which the student develops and presents a research project in her or his major field of study which incorporates gender perspectives and feminist theories. Prerequisites: GEN 201, the approval of an independent study director in the student’s major, and the approval of the Director of Gender Studies.