Irish Studies Minor

With its interdisciplinary focus on Irish literature, culture and politics as well as the problematics of immigration, migration and diaspora, Saint Joseph’s University’s Irish Studies program is an exceptional platform from which to investigate issues of diversity, globalization and social justice.

After registering with the program coordinator, students earn the Irish Studies minor by completing any six approved courses. Irish and Ireland-related courses taken while studying abroad may also count towards the minor, upon approval by the program coordinator.

Goal 1: Understand Ireland’s complex present and past through multiple disciplinary perspectives.

Goal 2: Demonstrate understanding of Irish culture and its contexts.

Goal 3: Employ primary and secondary sources (including digital resources) appropriate for the study of Ireland.

Choose six of the following:18
Brit/Irish Detective Fiction
British/Irish Immigration Lit
21st Century Irish Literature
Modern Irish Drama
Cont Irish Women's Writing
Irish Environmental Writing
Art Ethics Irish Troubles Lit
Irish Gothic Fiction
N. Ireland Conflict & Story
Beginning Irish (Gaelic) I
Beginning Irish (Gaelic) II
Intro to World Music
U.S. Immigration
The EU and European Politics
Political Geography
Global Migration
Religion, Violence & Terrorism
War and Peace
Global & Multinational Firms
Overview of the Globl Food Ind
International Food Marketing
Total Hours18