Art History Major

In a world inundated with images, Art History offers a critical means of assessing visual culture in an increasingly globalized society. The Art History program at Saint Joseph’s University offers a broad academic curriculum, covering major artistic developments in traditional and new media throughout history and around the world. Art History is an interdisciplinary field that encourages students to explore the many intersections between art and politics, religion, science, history and philosophy, among many other areas. Through close analysis of artworks, architecture and texts on campus and also through internships, museum visits, international travel, students of Art History develop strong critical evaluation skills and a wide-ranging cultural literacy.

Students studying Art History go on to a wide range of careers, including museums, galleries, publishing, education, and fashion. As a strong liberal art undergraduate degree, Art History prepares students for a wide range of other career paths, as well. With Saint Joseph’s University’s partnership with the Barnes Foundation, students soon will be able to take advantage of the galleries and classrooms in the former Barnes buildings adjacent to campus.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Dr. Emily Hage.


Goal 1: To develop a visual awareness

SLO 1.1: Art history students will be able to distinguish the visual components of a work of art.

SLO 1.2: Art history students will be able to identify the context of a work of art.

SLO 1.3: Art history students will be able to conduct visual and critical analysis.

Goal 2: To develop a familiarity with the history of art

SLO 2.1: Art history students will be able to identify works of art.

SLO 2.2: Art history students will be able to identify major artistic currents, movements, and motivations throughout history.


The traditional undergraduate programs include 40 courses distributed across three components: A General Education component divided into Signature Courses, Variable Courses, and an Integrative Learning requirement; a Major and Divisional component; and Free Electives. In addition to course requirements as specified in each area, students must complete one certified course in each of the following overlay areas:

  1. Diversity, Globalization or Non-western Area Studies,
  2. Ethics Intensive, and
  3. Writing Intensive. Overlay requirements are part of the forty-course requirement.

General Education Signature Courses

See this page about Signature courses. Six courses

General Education Variable Courses

See this page about Variable courses. Six to Nine courses

General Education Overlays

See this page about Overlays.

General Education Integrative Learning Component

See this page about Integrative Learning Component. Three courses:

PHL 310Philosophy of Art3
Any two (2) courses from the following:
CLA 206Sports and Spectacles in Clas3
FRE 431The French Enlightenment3
FRE 434French Romanticism3
GRM 401Medieval German Literature3
GRM 402From Ger Enlightnmnt to Realsm3
GRM 403From Bismarck to Hitler3
GRM 404Mod in Lit of Erly 20th Cent3
GRM 405Lit of Ger-Speaking Countries3
GRM 406Phantms, Spirits & the Uncanny3
Any HIS course 200 level or above
ITA 435Rebels and Revolutionaries3
ITA 440Profane and Sacred Love3
ITA 445The Medici Court3
ITA 450Italy in Age of Grand Tour3
ITA 460Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio3
MTF 142History of Rock and Pop3
MTF 143Music in Film3
MTF 156Intro to World Music3
MTF 157Westrn Music Hist: MidAge-17503
MTF 158Western Music Hist: 1750-Pres3
MTF 191Introduction to Film3
MTF 257American Music3
MTF 258Major Composers3
MTF 266Theatre History3
MTF 291American Film3
MTF 292European Cinemas3
MTF 293Asian & Pacific Cinemas3
MTF 294Global Cinemas3
MTF 295Major Figures in Film3
MTF 391Film Theory & Criticism3

Major Requirements: 

ART 101Intro to Art History I3
ART 102Art History Survey II3
ART 495Senior Project I (Capstone)3
ART 496Senior Project II (Capstone)3
Any five (5) art history courses. At least two (2) that include non-European art and/or architecture.
ART 103Non Western Art & Architecture3
ART 104The Experience of Architecture3
ART 105Arts of East Asia3
ART 106Art of Colonial Latin America3
ART 107Women, Gender, and Art3
ART 150Blasphemy & Devotion3
ART 178Art History &Photography:Italy3
ART 180Encountering Mystery3
ART 202Late Antique and Medieval Art3
ART 203Renaissance Art & Architecture3
ART 204Baroque Art and Architecture3
ART 205NeoClassic-Impression1780-18803
ART 206Impressionism3
ART 207American Art and Architecture3
ART 208Modern Art & Architecture3
ART 209Contemporary Art & Architect3
ART 210Museum Studies3
ART 212History of Photography3
ART 301Mystery&Monument:Anc Greece3
ART 302Mystery&Monument:Anc Rome3
CLA 303Pompeii & Herculaneum3
CLA 304Etruscan Art and Archaeology3
CLA 305Cleopatra Thrgh Anc & Mod Eyes3
ITA 315Italy Through Art3
ITA 345Art Fashion: la moda italiana3
ITA 206The Roman Experience3
ITA 306The Roman Experience3
ITA 425Art&Madman:Renaissance&Reform3
ITA 430Imges of Rome:Papl Rome - Pres3
IST 460The Art of Dante's Inferno3
One (1) studio art course
ART 133Drawing I3
ART 135Painting I3
ART 136Landscape Painting3
ART 137Printmaking3
ART 138Landscape Drawing3
ART 1413-D Studio Art3
ART 142Pottery I3
ART 143Mosaics I3
ART 144Ceramics I3
ART 145Figurative Sculpture3
ART 147Intro to Sculpture/Mixed Media3
ART 171Color Composition3
ART 172Darkroom Photography I3
ART 173Digital Photography I3
ART 174Alt. Photographic Processes3
ART 233Drawing II3
ART 235Painting II3
ART 241Sculpture II3
ART 243Ceramic Surface Design3
ART 244Ceramics II3
ART 245Atmospheric Firing: Wood/Salt3
ART 246Ceramic Sculpture3
ART 247Sculpture Mixed Media II3
ART 248Figurative Sculpture II3
ART 272Darkroom Photography II3
ART 273Digital Photography II3
ART 275Digital Constructed Image3
ART 331Works on Paper3
ART 333Drawing III3
ART 335Painting III3
ART 341Sculpture III3
ART 344Ceramics III3
ART 372DirectedProjects - Photography3
ART 373Photo Essay/Docu Photo3
ART 374Studio Photography3
ART 444Ceramics IV3
ART 242Pottery II3