B.L.S. in General Studies (Social Science Concentration)

Concentration in Social Science

Matthew J. Anderson, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Social Sciences

Learning Goals and Objectives

Goal 1. Students will develop content knowledge of the social sciences.

Objective 1.1: Students will demonstrate knowledge of the key theories, concepts, and issues within the social sciences.

Goal 2. Students will develop effective written, oral, and technological communication skills.

Objective 2.1: Students will demonstrate effective written communication that is consistent with the format and standards of social science disciplines. 

Objective 2.2: Students will demonstrate effective and professional oral communication skills.

Objective 2.3: Students will demonstrate effective communication using appropriate technology.

Goal 3. Students will develop an understanding of the methods of inquiry and critical thinking that typify the social sciences.

Objective 3.1: Students will demonstrate the ability to locate appropriate sources by searching electronic and print databases.

Objective 3.2: Students will demonstrate the ability to analyze empirical data and draw reasonable conclusions from them.

Goal 4. Students will develop an understanding of how social science disciplines apply the Ignatian principles of social justice, ethics, and service to others within our diverse society.

Objective 4.1: Students will demonstrate an understanding of ethical and socially responsible behaviors as they relate to social science disciplines.

Objective 4.2: Students will demonstrate an understanding of diverse human beliefs, abilities, experiences, identities, or cultures.

General Education Program Courses

(See Curricula)

GEP Integrative Learning Component

Any two courses in humanities, math, education, or natural science.

Social Science Courses

Select two introductory level Social Science courses6
Select one of the following:
Social Research Methods I
Research Methods
Research Methods in HAD
Select five upper division selections (200-level or higher) in the social sciences from three disciplines including:
Political Science